Thursday, February 03, 2011

Cabo San Lucas

Our next stop was supposed to be Mazatlan, but due to increased violence in the area our cruise decided to skip Mazatlan and head straight to Cabo San Lucas and add Ensenada instead. Although, obviously we wanted to be safe, Dave and I had a fun shore excursion planned in Mazatlan that we were disappointed we weren't going to get to do.

Dave and I had planned no shore excursions in Cabo. We did this because it was supposed to be the last part of our trip and we wanted to just relax on the beach. Originally we were going to go to Lover's Beach which is pictured above. But after feeling like I didn't want to take yet another boat somewhere else (you can't reach it by land) and didn't want to spend anymore money, we decided to just walk to Madonna Beach. The walk took forever since the boardwalk winds you around and around and we must have been asked by about a million street vendors if we wanted to buy their crap. I SAID, NO THANK YOU!!!! Finally we reached a semi-private area on the beach and just soaked in the sun for a while (yet still dodging street vendors every 5 minutes).

You cannot imagine how uncomfortable I was in this.

Why does he get to wear a shirt?

Dave does a lot of research when we travel and one of his favorite websites to use is Trip Advisor. For Cabo he found us a small taco stand, Gordo Lele's, just off the beaten path that was highly ranked. It didn't disappoint. Between us we ate 5 tacos and had one bottled water and it cost us $7. Yep SEVEN DOLLARS!!! Plus, Javier "Gordo" himself gave us a good show.

After our tacos we had had about enough Cabo. It was hot and I wanted some ice cream on the ship. As we got in line for the tender to take us back to the ship we looked at the people in line for the Carnival Cruise. They were young, like our age. It made me jealous. More on this in a few days....


Mer! said...

Ohhh you guys look SO relaxed!! What an awesome trip!! I know, cruises have their pluses and their minuses, but we did one for part of our honeymoon and I really did enjoy it!

OMG I'm the SAME-I use for everything, almost to a fault, like if something has a negative review, we don't go there/stay there/or do that activity..kind of ridiculous obsession :). BUT it is helpful!

We found an awesome place to eat in Puerto Vallarta (we were there not on cruise) and we also ate for super cheap...drooling over your Mexican food mention.....dying over here in Boston :)

So glad you guys got to relax!

Andy Rosebrook said...

Actually you can climb your way out to Lover's Beach. We went to Cabo in 1993 during our summer cruise with Cal Maritime and about 5 of us went out on the Pacific side and then climbed over and down to Lover's beach. Did take a water taxi back though.

Hope you guys are having a great trip despite the evil street vendors. They are pretty obnoxious.

Tara said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and this post. We just went to Cabo in November and my friend heard about Gordo Lele's on Tripadvisor. We loved it so much the first night, we had to go back! So yummy, cheap and so much fun! Looking forward to reading the rest of your cruise posts.