Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Totals


This wasn't the best month.  After my race in Myrtle Beach I got sick.  Really sick.  I got the flu, even after having my shot months ago, and spent five days in bed before I felt GOOD enough to go see the doctor.  Unfortunately, you just have to wait out the flu so I spent several more days in misery coughing and snotting and sleeping.  So, I missed a whole week of training.  Then when I did come back, the cough lingered which made it hard to run and I lost a lot of motivation too.  So, the numbers were low.  As Nature Cat says, Onward and Yonward!!!

Swimming - 21,400 yards ~ 12.2 miles

Running - 36.1 miles

Strength - 1.25 hours

YMCA Visits - 12
Cost Per Visit - $3.14 (pi!!!!)

I am DETERMINED to get it done in April.  April, you're my bitch!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Big Boy

The baby turned three on Sunday and everything has changed.  Yesterday started with a visit to the dentist for Anderson's first cleaning.  It went okay.  He didn't love how the twirly tooth brush tickled his lips.  But he did love the sucky thing.  I held it and kept putting it in his mouth, getting it stuck to his tongue. 

He has been a pacifier kid since day 1 and the dentist let us know that it was ruining his bite.  Instead of weeing him off of it and keep it around through our vacation coming up, we decided to go cold turkey and throw the dentist under the bus for the reason why he couldn't have it anymore.  It's been a little rough, mostly at bedtimes.  He cries and cries, "my pafier, MY PAFIER!!!"  He hasn't taken a nap since taking it away either.  Oy.

This morning we had our three year check up at the doctor's.  He weighed 31 pounds and was 37-1/2 inches tall.  He did well answering questions.  The doctor let us know that potty training was coming soon.  Please.  PLEASE!!!!

Now all we need to do is get him (a) potty trained and (b) into his bed.  He still loves to sleep in his crib and asks to sleep in it.  He's so big.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Whirlwind of a Weekend

You know how on HGTV the people looking for a house or those remodeling the house always say, "we love to entertain?"  Yeah, I'm not one of those people.  You'll never hear me saying that.  Inside I would love to be social and would love to have people over all the time, but the truth of the matter is that I'm socially awkward and that having people come to my house gives me anxiety.

So this weekend was just hell for me.  Friday we hosted a small birthday party for Anderson.  Family came over and we had pizza and cake.  Anderson opened a few small presents, mostly trucks and cars, and we surprised him with a new playground for home.  It won't be here for a few weeks.  He's going to love it.

Just last week my mom reminded me that I agreed to host Easter.  I did what?!?!  With my parents retiring next year, my mom has decided that my sister and I need to step up and starting hosting some holidays.  My sister loves to entertain; me not so much.  What fool decided to have a birthday and Easter in the same weekend?  Oh yeah, me.

Anyway, my family pitched in and brought over their cooking specialties while Dave and I prepared a ham and some other stuff.  We also hid hundreds (not kidding) of plastic eggs in the yard that contained money or candy.  The kids went to town and did very well.  I swear, Anderson has more candy from the egg hunt than from Halloween.  That is not good for my waistline.

I was so glad when the weekend was over.  Going back to work never felt so good.

Do you like to entertain?
What did you do for Easter?

Monday, March 21, 2016

Scariest thing EVER!

It was a typical Friday night at the pool.  Lots of kids, lots of splashing, short staffed.  We had just rotated lifeguards and I was on my 20 minute break.  I was cleaning up around the pool when I noticed a kid in a life jacket venture into the deep end - a big fat NO at our pool.  So, I walked around the deck to go talk to him and get him out of the deep end.  As I'm crouching down talking to him, the lifeguard in the chair screamed my name.  I looked up and the mom of this child had ventured into the deep end to get him.  She couldn't swim and she was actively drowning.


I immediately left the kid (he was fine; he was in a life jacket) and jumped in the pool.  I swam to her quickly, grabbed her, and began kicking towards the shallow end.  Because I was not the lifeguard on duty, I did not have a rescue tube which means my only flotation was my swimming skills.  The woman freaked out and grabbed me around the neck, taking me down with her.  In my head I was totally panicking and doing what I could do to keep the both of us safe.  I kept hold of her, but I was trying to push her off to keep the both of us from drowning (we are taught escapes for this exact reason).  Finally I was able to catch a breath and ask her to kick with me.  She said she couldn't.  Yikes!  What seemed like an eternity later I was able to kick her the few feet to the shallow end where she grabbed hold of the rope and stood up. 

My husband and kid were swimming at the time and saw the whole thing happen.  Dave helped me get out of the pool, saying it was the scariest and coolest thing he's ever seen.  I talked to the woman about what happened and grabbed my manager-on-duty to help fill out an incident report.  There were several things we could have done better on this rescue - should have hit our emergency button, the other guard should have cleared the pool and thrown me a rescue tube, etc. - but the important thing was we helped the woman, no one drowned, and everything turned out just fine.

The rest of the night I was a wreck.  I literally shook and cried sitting in the guard chair for the rest of my shift.  I had a lot of adrenaline running through my body and thinking back to what I did was just scary.  That night I had a nightmare about it.  Looking back I'm so thankful we are so well trained, that I was in the right place at the right time, and that I'm in amazing shape and could perform the rescue without the use of a tube.  It was so scary; I don't want to do it again any time soon.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Bojangles 5K 2016

This past weekend was really all about the husband.  He ran the Myrtle Beach Marathon and I hope to post some pictures and thoughts about his race another time.  But, I was lucky enough to jump into a 5K, check off a new state, and pick up some hardware.

This was a night race.  I figured since it was around a shopping/entertainment center (Broadway at the Beach) it would be well lit.  It was, sort of.  There were definitely places that were DARK, but the lights from cars helped a lot.  I never felt unsure of my footing, but waiting all day to run a race and then doing it in the dark is not exactly my favorite way to race.

I started off what I felt was conservatively.  The legs were moving, breathing seemed okay, and the pace was right - 7:06 first mile.  And then things seemed to get tough instead of faster.  My arms were hurting.  My breathing was fast and labored.  Gosh, I hate the 5K!  The second mile was 7:24.  Come on, Mer!  You're supposed to be able to run this in the 6:00s!  The third mile I played all kinds of mind games - 10 steps of surges, 10 steps of backing off - whatever I could do to get to that damn finish line.  Finally I was there and got caught in quite possibly the best worst finishers photo of all time.

Regardless of what I would deem as a poor race, I finished second in my age group out of 67 and walked away with a cool glass plaque.

Two days after this race I had a temperature over 101 and it has continued for a few days.  Obviously I was catching something which may have affected my race.  There is another 5K in about 4 weeks.  Redemption!