Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Roller Skating

My niece had her 6th birthday party at a local roller rink this past weekend.  At first, Anderson wanted nothing to do with roller skates.  He screamed and cried and threw a complete fit.  (Welcome to the terrible twos!)  We decided to put him in his stroller and wheel him around the rink.  He seemed to like that.  Then we put his skates on while still in the stroller.  He seemed to tolerate that too.  Finally, we got him out of the stroller and started skating with him.  He skated, maybe, one loop with us holding our hands and then he decided to do it all on his own.  He was good at it!  He would fall but didn't hurt himself or cry.  He was even able to get back on his feet all by himself after he fell.  He's so big.


Monday, March 02, 2015

Week in Review

The week started out so well and fizzled out by the end.  I blame the weather.  Really.

Swimming - 2400 yards
I only had one swim on the schedule this week.  Seems weird since I was coming off a race, but I'm not complaining that I didn't have to get all my junk together, get the kiddo ready, and drive to the gym, etc.

Biking - 34.87 miles
Three bike rides this week.  One was just a spin to shake off the race legs.  The other two contained more stuff like cadence and power.  One of the rides had a lot of hard stuff in a big gear.  In the last week my bike has decided it doesn't want to shift to a big gear anymore.  I haven't had time to take it to a bike shop, so I suffered through this workout.  I would have to stop my Garmin before each interval, figure out how to get the gear to the big ring, and then restart the interval.  This was really a pain in the ass as the intervals were maximum of 30 seconds in length.  Halfway through the ride I decided to do a little mechanic work on the bike.  I tweaked and rearranged, got back on my bike and immediately dropped my chain.  Argh!  Of course, I had trouble getting the chain back on which resulted in grease ALL.OVER.MY.HANDS!!!  All of this crap made it impossible for me to do my run off the bike; I had an appointment I had to get to and still needed to get myself and the boy showered.

Running - 17.23 miles
Seventeen miles is not very much when you're training for a marathon.  And it should have been at least 10-15 miles more.  Gosh darn it!  First, I missed the run off the bike as mentioned above.  Then came the long run.  My long runs are scheduled for Sunday.  I have been trying my best to follow the schedule and do my workouts when assigned.  Sunday morning I awake to snow and lots of it.  And it snowed all day.  We got, like, six inches of snow.  Did I moved to Boston???  I had specific paces I had to hit during this workout and I knew I couldn't get them done in the snow.  So I headed down to the treadmill, again.  Gah!  I'm so sick of the treadmill.  And I like to treadmill run!  I decided to break the run up into two different runs - the first would be an hour of "warmup"; the second would be the "meat" of the run with the paces and whatnot.  Unfortunately, I only did the first hour.  I just couldn't drag myself back downstairs to do another treadmill run.  I am sooo over winter!!!

Strength - 0.25 hours
I only had a core workout this week.  All the exercises were done with a medicine ball.  Some of them were hard and left me quite sore for many days.

Now that it is March I hope to be running lots of miles as my marathon is just around the corner and of course doing a lot of swimming and biking too.  Training never stops.  Which reminds me, I better get my buns out there and train.  See ya!!!

Sunday, March 01, 2015

February Totals

I had a great month in February.  I've gotten into the rhythm of getting in all my workouts.  I only missed two workouts the whole month.  I missed one swim because the weather was just crappy the whole week and I didn't want to leave the house or take the baby out in the elements.  I also missed a run off the bike on the last day of the month because I had terrible mechanical issues on the bike, which made the workout long and I had an appointment I had to get to.  More on this tomorrow.

Here's the rundown:

Swimming - 15,300 yards ~ 8.7 miles
Do you want to know how many lengths of a 25 yard pool that is?  612.  Wow!  My aunt used to describe to her sons how far my marathons were by telling them how many laps of a track it would be.  I kid you not, I swear I have that many laps just this coming week in the pool.  The workouts are starting to get serious!

Biking - 102.99 miles
Seriously?  Only 0.01 miles from 103 miles??  Good grief. 
It was a good month of biking.  I'm starting to get used to it.  Maybe not exactly liking it, but not griping about it either.  It's often a nice break from the pounding of running plus the workouts are hard enough that it is definitely complimenting my running and perhaps even helping it.  Once a week I might have "just a spin" but usually my bike rides are structured with different cadences and power zones.  It makes the time go quicker and keeps my mind fresh too.

Running - 108.15 miles
Look, I know y'all are running like a billion miles per month.  I don't know how you're doing it.  And frankly, I don't know why you're doing it.  Maybe if I wasn't swimming and biking I would have more miles?  Maybe I'd be injured too.  I just can't do those miles.  I wish I could.  In my 14 years of marathoning, I've learned I don't need high mileage.  I have succeeded and achieved all my goals with only about 40 miles on a big week.  So, although I'm jealous of your mileage, my 108 miles and I will hang out and be just fine.

Strength - 2.5 hours
For me, the "build" season is just about over, which means the strength workouts are starting to subside and the swimbikerun miles are starting to climb.  Now I'm seeing less strength on the schedule and more core and core and core and core! 

YMCA visits - 19 visits
Not as many visits as last month.  The month was shorter.  I didn't have as many swims, although the ones I had were longer.  I utilized my treadmill at home instead of going to the Y to use theirs.  Whatever I don't need to justify it.  Nineteen visits in 28 days?  That's still a lot.

YMCA cost per visit - $4.49

March is all about lots and lots of miles.  My marathon is only, like, 7 weeks away.  The focus will be miles and pace.  I have big goals for this race.  I'm working my tail off like never before.  I surely hope it pays off.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Week in Review

Oh my stars!  I'm so over winter.  This was another week of treadmill, treadmill, treadmill.  Plus it was too cold and snowy to even take the boy to the Y to get in a swim.  -8 degrees without the windchill is just stupid.  STUPID!  Soon, spring, soon.

Swimming - 1800 yards
Unfortunately, I missed a swim this week.  It was just too cold to take the boy outside.  And how can you get motivated to get into a cold pool when it is below zero outside.  Maybe I'll try to make up this swim next week.

Biking - 22.03 miles
There were only two bikes on the schedule this week.  One was just an easy spin and the other had some cadence work to it even though it was still considered easy.  Everything was a little on the lighter side this because of the race yesterday.

Running - 26.67 miles
Well, it's not as many miles as I'd like, but again, the week was centered around the race.  The week had mostly easy short runs with snappy parts to them, and one "track-ish" type workout that was done on the treadmill.  Although the weather was terrible yesterday for the race, it was nice to get outside for a run.  Guess I better bundle up, buttercup, and get those runs outside.  That marathon isn't going to run itself.

Strength - 0.5 hours
Only one strength workout on the schedule this week.  This was week three or four of this particular strength workout.  A quick glance at the upcoming schedule shows there aren't a whole lot of strength workouts left between now and the marathon.  Guess it's all about the miles now.

How was your week last week?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Last Chance Half Marathon 2015

Last year I raced A LOT!  This year I have very few races on the schedule with all of them intended to be RACED!  Today I ran a half marathon in which I had very high hopes.  My training has been going very well, I've got some speed going on, and I really thought I might be able to bust out a very fast race.

Brrr, I'm cold.

Unfortunately, mother nature had other ideas.  Yesterday we got dumped on, approximately eight inches of snow.  (Check out our playtime in the snow here.)  And then this morning the temperature was 13 degrees at the start of the race.  The race course is a one mile loop that you do again and again.  Honestly, I thought they would have cleared it better, but a good half of it was snow covered.  Not just a little snow covered, like ankle-deep in some places.  It was like running through soft sand.  It took a lot of energy and really zapped your pace.

Nonetheless, I tried my best.  The parts that were clear I ran hard and fast.  The parts that were snowy and slippery, I found the clearest spots and picked up my knees.  Although it wasn't as fast as I hoped, my paces were consistent - my slowest mile was 8:12 and my fastest mile was 7:59.  I latched on to some other girls who were running the same pace as me and we pushed each other to keep it up.  It really helped the miles pass by.

One of the girls I ran with.  We've already exchanged some texts and it looks like we'll see each other at the marathon.

In the end I ran a 1:45:39.  Not bad.  Not what I was wanting or had trained for.  I was the 7th overall female.  The winning female time was 1:37:30, if that tells you how rough the conditions were.  Unfortunately, right now, I do not have another half marathon on the schedule this year.  Maybe this fall I can find a good one and go after a big PR.

It was so cold I had icicles on my eyelashes.

 Top ten finish.  Not bad.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Playing in the Snow

We had a big snow storm blow through today.  With it, we got about eight more inches of snow.  But, today was the first time we also got 'warmer' temperatures, which allowed us to actually go out and play in the snow.  This was the first time Anderson has ever played in the snow.  We had a blast!

Friday, February 20, 2015

New Workout Clothes

There's something so awesome about getting new workout clothes.  At least for me, it helps me get pumped about my workouts. 

First, I got a new swimsuit this month.  I bought it from SwimOutlet.com for a whopping $17.99 plus shipping.  The whole thing cost me less than $25.  It is tiny!  I'm a card-carrying member of the Itty Bitty Titty Club and this thing makes me feel like Dolly Parton.  I sure felt like my boobs were going to pop out of it when I was swimming this week.  Hopefully it will stretch a little bit.  Or else, the lifeguards at the pool might get a great show.

Then for Valentine's Day Dave got me some new shorts and sports bra from Lululemon.  Honestly, I'm not a huge Lulu kind of girl, but I have heard great things about their running shorts and sports bra so I wanted to give it a try.  And it didn't disappoint.  The sports bra is TIGHT, which made me a little nervous for chafing, but I wore it on a 15 mile treadmill run and had no problems.  It did cut into my shoulders but I'm sure it will stretch with wear.  The shorts are the 4-way stretch speed shorts.  I have to admit, I freakin' love them!  They don't ride; they're the perfect length (I like my shorts on the shorter side); and I barely even noticed they were there.  I want, like, 20 more pairs of them in a variety of colors.  The shorts are definitely contenders for marathon-worthy shorts.

Now to save up my money so I can get some more workout clothes.

What's your favorite workout gear that gets you pumped up?

#BeBetter - Lent 2015

A few years ago when I was dealing with debilitating depression my therapist said I needed to fix my chemical imbalance before he could help me with my behavioral issues.  At the end of my pregnancy I went on Prozac and finally, finally started to feel like a human being.  Two years later I am still medicated and NEVER plan on going off the meds.  NEVER!  But there are certainly behaviors and activities in my life that still need corrected to help me be better.  I don't plan on going back to therapy; it's not something I enjoy.  But I am dedicating this Lenten season to being better - a better mom, a better wife, a better athlete.

The medicine has helped me feel real.  It has kept me from sitting in the bathtub crying.  I has helped me get out of bed every morning.  But, I still need work in the 'patience department' and that has become even more evident as my kiddo has reached his toddler years.  Some days I feel like it's an all-out war between Anderson and me.  Other days are great.  No matter what kind of day we're having, I never feel like I am being a good enough mom.  I'm sure that's true with all moms.  I want to try harder, though.  I want to find ways to connect with him and build him up.  I want to know that becoming a mom was the right choice.  I can be a better mom.

I never really wanted to be anyone's 'wife'.  Luckily, I married a guy who supports my independence, my decisions, my intellect, and my athletics.  Now that I'm a stay-at-home mom, though, I feel like a lot of the 'wifely duties' fall to me - childcare, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.  I've got to be honest, though, I don't love those things.  I grew up in a household of equality.  My dad was every bit involved in those things as my mom was.  So, when I feel like it's all my duties, I get a little pissed off.  And I hate to be that chick who is angry as soon as her husband walks in the door.  He gets to be the hero while I'm his frickin' maid.  Ain't gonna happen!  I need to be, again, more patient and encouraging.  I can be a better wife.

I was looking back at my training log from last February as I turned the calendar this year.  Holy wow!  I think I did less training than I did when I was pregnant.  And I was paying a coach to train me!!  Last year, I think, I expected to magically return to the runner I once was.  You know what?  It didn't happen.  This year I have dedicated myself to my goals.  I have begun to be a better athlete starting in December.  I have done nearly ALL my workouts since then.  I do them as assigned, in order (mostly), and without complaint.  I have found ways to get the family involved or found ways to keep the workouts from taking away from family time.  I will be a better athlete in 2015.

What ways can you #BeBetter?
What are your thoughts on this Lenten season?