Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week in Review

I had a GREAT week of running last week!!!!

Planned: 45 minutes of spinning or swimming
Actual: Bike, trainer, basement, podcast. 8.39 miles

Planned: 55 minute negative split run, 30 minutes of strength training
Actual: Treadmill. 27-1/2 minutes building pace. 22-1/2 minutes holding pace between an 8:00 and 8:30 pace. 5 minute cool down. 6.25 miles.

Planned: Easy 20 minute run.
Actual: Feeling great so went for over 30 minutes on the treadmill. 3.25 miles.

Planned: Track workout with sprint ladder starting at 400, up to 1600, back down to 400.  20 minute jog late in the day.
Actual: Did these workouts in reverse.  Two miles on the treadmill in the morning and a VERY long workout on the track late in the day.  Finished after the sun went down.  Sprints went well.  8.75 miles. 10.75 miles for the day.

Planned: Rest Day
Actual: A&F Challenge 5K

Planned: 40 minute run with some 10K effort. 15 minute core workout.
Actual: Rest Day.  See Friday's actual workout.  :)

Planned: 18 mile run with last 6 miles at marathon pace effort.
Actual: Rocked this run!  The overall average was exactly what I need for a Boston qualifying marathon and those 6 miles I did at an 8:04 average.  Boom!

Bike - 8.39 miles
Run - 41.35 miles

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A&F Challenge 5K 2014

All the neighborhood kids including Anderson pre-race.

This year's A&F Challenge was a bit of a cluster for Dave and I.  We signed us and my sister up by the deadline for employees.  That same day, after we signed up, we received an invitation in the mail for free entries since our neighborhood is so close that they don't want to inconvenience us.  So we asked some friends if they wanted to run and use our free entries.  Sounds great so far, right?

The day of the race, Friday evening, everyone was supposed to congregate at our house at 4:45.  My sister showed up around 5:00 and we waited and waited for our other friends to show up.  Our neighbors were taking Anderson and it became time to get over there or we were going to miss the race at 5:45.  We took our friends' numbers and entry wristbands and I texted them furiously.  Finally, we lined up at the start line with probably about 3 minutes to go.

Thanks Amy for airbrushing me and making me look so young.

Just as we were about to start I received a text back from our friends.  They had to work late and would not make the race.  I let them know the party continued after the race and to come on out.  Unfortunately, they never made it.

I was lined up way at the back of the pack as that's the closest I could get since we got there so late.  Amy told me to go ahead so I did.  I had had a pretty big week of running thusfar and didn't think it would be prudent to "race".  So, I kinda made this a tempo run.  Mile 1 involved a lot of bobbing and weaving to get through the pack - 7:33.  Then I was able to get moving and continuing picking up the pace.  

Mile 2 - 7:24
Mile 3 - 7:13

Usually I dread the 5K but with all the training I've been doing this race seemed really short and I was happy with my effort even if I didn't "race" it.  

Time - 22:36

Dave ran about a minute faster and Amy came in just over 30 minutes.  We then met back up with our neighbors, let Anderson play in the bouncy house, and ate and drank lots of good food.  

Next year we'll wait for our free entries.  :)

Monday, September 08, 2014

New Albany Walking Classic 10K 2014

Walking?  Well, walking is weird.  It's slow.  And once you're done walking you have to keep walking.  I thought I was done with walking as a form of exercise after I was done with pregnancy, but my mom and my sister asked me to do the New Albany Walking Classic with them this year and I agreed.  I didn't train a single step, but I figure if you're running 30+ miles a week, that's good enough.

 My mom, sister, and I pre-race.  We look like a freakin' Easter egg in those colors.

I didn't start my GPS so I have no idea how fast or how slow we were walking.  We just followed the masses.  My sister knew pretty much everyone along the course so she would stop and hug and say hello and we would fall further and further behind.  Soon I could see we were close to the end and I pushed to get us going a little faster.  I was NOT finishing last.

My dad, Dave, and Anderson followed along us on the course.  My dad was on his bike and Dave had the jogging stroller.  Anderson was the hit among the walkers as he cheered for all of them.

Anderson even joined me for a bit.

I found the walk enjoyable.  Amy and I talked throughout most of it.  My mom struggled a bit as the distance was far and pretty much stopped talking to us around mile 4.

Finally we reached the end - 2 hours and 10 minutes later.  Holy moly!

I think I'll stick with running.  :)

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Week in Review

Ugh!  I just didn't have the week I was hoping for.  The weather was terribly hot and my motivation was in the toilet.  We'll just call it a recovery week and move on to next week.

Planned: 2300 swim with lots of butterfly.
Actual: I'll excuse coach because she obviously had pregnancy brain when she wrote this workout.  I can't do butterfly and I certainly can't do a lot of it.  So, I hopped in the outside pool for the last time for the summer and did 2300 yards straight.

Planned: 40 minute run
Actual: It was crazy hot so I did this on the treadmill. 4.19 miles

Planned: 55 minute run with 10K pace intervals; 30 minute strength routine
Actual: Ran at the local hilly metropark and was hoping to do a longer run.  Only make it one loop and felt terrible.  5.6 miles, 51:26.

Rest Day

Planned: 1 hour speed workout; back strength training
Actual: Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  I suck.

Planned: 45 minute easy run
Actual: So damn hot outside!!!  5.15 miles

Planned: 10K walking "race"
Actual: New Albany 10K Walking Classic.  Race report coming tomorrow.

Swimming - 2300 yards
Running (walking) - 21.14 miles

Friday, September 05, 2014

Foto Friday

This was my favorite picture I took while on vacation...

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Touch a Truck #2

Our flight for Montana left late in the day which gave us the opportunity to attend yet another Touch-a-Truck event.  This time Dave got to come with us.  We got there late and had to leave within an hour to eat lunch, finish packing, and head to the airport, but we got to see some awesome trucks. 

Monday, September 01, 2014

August Totals

I basically took two weeks off from training in August (life happens) and still managed to get over 100 miles running.  There's this nagging feeling inside me that I'm not doing enough running, but I also know it's coach's plan.  It's worked before and it will work again.  Trust it!  September and October will be big months.  Buckle up!

No swimming or biking in August.  Not that it wasn't assigned.  I just never got to it.

Running - 104.51 miles
Strength - 0.5 hours
YMCA visits - 12
Cost per visit - $7.11