Thursday, December 31, 2015

December Totals

Wow!  December went fast.  I have never been so stressed in my life.  And consequently, I caught my second cold within four weeks.  So, I had to miss yet another week of training.  I did get some done, though, including a LOT of swimming.  Here's how it all broke down.

Swimming - 37,000 yards ~ 21 miles
Holy cow!  That's a lot of swimming.  That's nearly a mile a day of swimming!  I even had one week over 10,000 yards.  I am LOVING swimming right now.  I can't wait to see how much it improves in the coming months.

Running - 52.23 miles
Sigh.  In my head, I love running.  When it comes to getting out the door, I'm severely lacking in motivation.  Running just feels so labored and difficult.  I feel fat and like I'm running in sand.  I keep telling myself, though, that I cannot get better unless I ACTUALLY do the workouts. 

Strength Training - 0.75 hours
When it comes to the first thing I skip in my training (besides running) it's going to be strength.  If I have 15-45 minutes in my day, I want to spend it doing NOTHING!  I will try harder.  I will try harder.  I will try harder.

YMCA Visits - 8
Cost Per Visit - $4.70

Now if I could only have a month where I stay healthy and actually TRY to do the workouts.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week in Review

Oh, hi!

Let's just jump in like it hasn't been weeks since I last blogged and talk about how awesome my week of training was.  K?

Swimming - 10,300 yards
Oh yes, I did a lot of swimming last week.  Four days to be exact.  I, finally, made it to masters twice in one week and did two more swims on my own.  I've been working a lot of my butterfly and although it still sucks, it's getting better.  I need to keep working on it; there seems to be IM in each workout I have.

Running - 22.4 miles
I did four runs this week too.  Crazy town!  Most runs were not long or complicated.  I did do one on the track with drills and a longer run on the weekend with faster intervals.  I got a new Garmin too (more to come on that another day) which has made running a little more fun right now.

Strength - 30 minutes
I would love to be doing more strength training but I'm doing what I can with what the schedule allows.  I used my homemade conditioning cards and did 10 different exercises.  Holy wow was I sore the next day!

Lots of fun stuff coming up.  I'm going to try my best to be on top of blogging.  I swear.  I SWEAR!!!

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Wednesday Won

Boy, did I have a day yesterday.

I woke up in a mood.  Everything was bothering me.  Anderson was annoying me to no end.  And there was NO WAY I wanted to play any more trains!

Then things got crazy.

We have ZERO food in the house so Anderson and I were headed out to the grocery store to pick up some lunch.  Our garage isn't the most clean or organized place, but it's good enough to fit our cars in it.  As I was pulling the car out of the garage, the car lurched.  I looked out the front window and saw that the dog chain/leash we use in the front yard was somehow connected to the car and was stuck on something else in the garage.  I had been leashed like a dog.  I pulled the car back into the garage to give it some slack and got out of the car to explore.  My car had swallowed the leash and somehow got it wrapped around the front axle.  I was stuck.  I texted Dave.  He agreed to come home and help me.

We fixed the car.  We had lunch.  Crisis averted.

When we got home I put Anderson down for his nap and then started looking around for my keys.  I didn't have them at lunch and was kind of wondering where they were.  I had to be at work before Dave got off work so I HAD to have them.  I began tearing apart the house.  Anderson has a habit of hiding things.  For example, there are currently toys in my crock pot.  I looked in every drawer, in every laundry basket, in the dishwasher, in the fridge, under the car, under the couch, in Anderson's closet (while he was sleeping).  I couldn't find them anywhere!!!!  I was frustrated.  This day was SUCKING!!!! 

Finally, after sending a hundred panicky texts to Dave (poor Dave), I got one back.

He had both sets of keys.

You have got to be kidding me!

So, Dave came home at 4:30 so I could be at work by 5:00. 

End of bad day?

I was sure hoping so.  But I got to work and I thought the girl who was closing for the night was not there and wasn't going to be there.  I was pissed!  I WAS NOT going to stay until close.  What the hell people?  Come to work?!?

And then she walked through the door.  Holy moly I was hot.

The evening ended with a glass of much needed wine.  Wednesday, you won.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

November Totals

How is it December already?  I blinked and it's suddenly winter.  And as awesome as it is that I have nationals behind me and worlds to look forward to, I'm really struggling with motivation and juggling it all.  I'm not working a ton of hours but I work nearly every day.  There was a stretch this month where I worked 12 days in a row.  I work in the evenings which is my favorite time to workout and therefore, I usually wind up skipping my workout instead of doing it earlier in the day.  Or things just get crazy.  Like yesterday I worked 7 hours at the pool.  I should get 20 minutes down every 20-40 minutes.  During this time I planned on swimming and putting together a whole workout in separate segments.  Unfortunately, things didn't turned out as planned.  During my morning work schedule, the lap lanes were completely packed.  There was no way to fit me in.  Once I did find 20 minutes available, I discovered I didn't have my cap and goggles.  Then during my evening shift, 4 hours worth, I only was out of the chair or not teaching a class a total of 30 minutes.  During that time I cleaned up and ate my dinner.  I had good intentions yesterday but put nothing into practice.

Excuses no more.  December, it's on!!!

Swimming - 16,850 yards ~ 9.6 miles
Seriously, I should be swimming this much nearly every week.

Running - 55.55 miles

Y Visits - 10
Cost Per Visit - $3.76
This is deceiving since I, personally, do not have a payment for my individual Y membership.  So this is basically Anderson at child watch or Dave if he's just doing whatever.  Plus I'm at the Y probably 10 times a week!

I need your help.  I need your motivation.  Leave me a note with a cheer!