Monday, December 23, 2013

Flying Feather Four Miler

Gosh, I'm so behind!!!

Unfortunately, I have no pictures from this race as my paparazzi was also running the race.

The week of Thanksgiving I caught a wicked cold.  It was bad.  I missed two days of work.  The day before Thanksgiving I barely got out of bed.  I didn't know if I was going to be able to make Thanksgiving, let alone do a race.  But Thanksgiving morning I woke up feeling better and wanted to give the race a shot.  Now, I was supposed to do this race as a heart rate test for coach, but since I had been sick I decided to just run. 

This was a family affair: Dave, me, my sister, and my dad.  (Yet, we didn't give our phones to anyone to take a picture of us.  Fail.)  It was colder than cold race morning, but we lucked out an found a parking spot that had a shuttle waiting for us to the start line.  My sister, the newbie, was wearing layers and layers of clothes.  I was wearing half of what she was and I thought I was overdressed.  Either way, we had to wait around at the start line for a good 20-30 minutes before the race started and it was COLD! 

I started off at a fairly good pace, ~8:00.  For once, I actually positioned myself well at the start and didn't have to do a whole lot of weaving to get around people.  My new watch (love it!!!) hit the one mile mark exactly at the one mile mark.  I continued to build speed throughout the next three miles and hit the line exactly at 4 miles on my watch.  I love my Suunto!  I swear, someday I will actually tell you about it.  Anyway, my overall time was 32:10 for an 8:03.  I would have loved to go faster but I had a lot of snot and a lot of coughing so that's all I could do.  And yes, I was totally overdressed.  I had my gloves off by the end of miles one.  My sister said she did too and also took her scarf off.  Who wears a scarf running?  She's so cute.

We collected our wine (you get a bottle of wine at the finish line!!!), found the shuttle, and were back to our car in no time.  Another family Thanksgiving run in the books.  Can't wait until next year when maybe we can get Anderson to do the kids race.

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