Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Be Willing

I, like every other runner in the free world, was glued to my computer yesterday watching the Boston Marathon.  I screamed at the screen trying to encourage the race.  I cried when Meb won.  (I totally ignored the baby as he wanted attention.  #motheroftheyear)

And of course, I was totally inspired.  I love Boston.  It is, by far, my favorite marathon.  It suits me.  I calls me.  It loves me.  After I set my PR there way back in 2009 I knew it was time to hang up the marathon flats.  I have only done two marathons in the five years since then.  I moved on.  I tried triathlon.  I've rocked the shorter distances.  I have embraced the half marathon as "my distance."

Truth is, though, I love the marathon.  It's a great race for me as it takes me a long time to warm up to my race pace, I can zone out like nobody's business, I like the long training, I like the accomplishment of the marathon.

Last night I started the discussion with coach about trying the marathon again.  *sigh*  Do I really want to run another one?  Can I be the runner I once was?  Do I even have a shot at qualifying for Boston again?  I told her we'd sleep on it and revisit it once the glow of Boston has dissipated.

Except, I didn't sleep.  I just kept thinking of wanting to run another marathon.  I just kept coming back to two words: Be Willing. 

Be willing to literally run the extra mile.
Be willing to eat better.
Be willing to count calories and lose those extra baby weight pounds.
Be willing to go to bed earlier.
Be willing to get up and do the work while everyone else is asleep.
Be willing to take ice baths.
Be willing to use the foam roller.
Be willing to drink more water.
Be willing to do the extras like weigh lifting, riding my bike, and stretching.
Be willing to commit to the process.

I haven't really opened myself up to the training, to the process.  I've just gone through the motions knowing that yes I can run any race and I'm okay with being mediocre.  Shoot, I had a baby.  I can use that excuse forever.  But that's not what I want.  Why would I be paying money to a coach to just be mediocre?  I want to be that badass marathoner again.  I want it.  I am willing to Be Willing.

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Carina said...

Love it! I'm in a similar boat of deferring decisions til the post-Boston glow subsides. I could register for 2015 if I wanted, but I hadn't really planned on doing it again because I so loved my one Boston. But now, watching a bunch of friends go last week and then getting all hyped up with tracking elites and friends yesterday, now I'm considering doing it again...