Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Let's talk more about swimming.  (When did this become a swimming blog???)

Two weeks ago I sucked it up buttercup and got up at stupid o-clock to try out the local masters swim team.  To my surprise the place was packed.  People!  It's 5:30 in the morning!!!  Everyone was welcoming.  I told a few people my usual swim times and I put myself into the very.last.lane.  Yep, you think you're good until you swim with real swimmers.  Then you suck.  The workout was hard but I was keeping up and felt pretty good about things. 

I went back two days later and swam with the boys.  It felt harder.  Maybe I was more tired.  Maybe it was because I didn't eat breakfast. 

Last week I just couldn't get up for the first swim, but did go later in the week.  This time we did a descending set with the very last 100 as fast as we could go.  And you know what?  I cut nearly 10 seconds off my best 100 times.  All this swimming?  It's working. 

This morning I got up again.  This time I led my lane through some of the sets.  I was hitting the send-offs and I was doing well.  Guess I am going to have to keep going.  Right now I am loving swimming.

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