Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Bojangles 5K 2016

This past weekend was really all about the husband.  He ran the Myrtle Beach Marathon and I hope to post some pictures and thoughts about his race another time.  But, I was lucky enough to jump into a 5K, check off a new state, and pick up some hardware.

This was a night race.  I figured since it was around a shopping/entertainment center (Broadway at the Beach) it would be well lit.  It was, sort of.  There were definitely places that were DARK, but the lights from cars helped a lot.  I never felt unsure of my footing, but waiting all day to run a race and then doing it in the dark is not exactly my favorite way to race.

I started off what I felt was conservatively.  The legs were moving, breathing seemed okay, and the pace was right - 7:06 first mile.  And then things seemed to get tough instead of faster.  My arms were hurting.  My breathing was fast and labored.  Gosh, I hate the 5K!  The second mile was 7:24.  Come on, Mer!  You're supposed to be able to run this in the 6:00s!  The third mile I played all kinds of mind games - 10 steps of surges, 10 steps of backing off - whatever I could do to get to that damn finish line.  Finally I was there and got caught in quite possibly the best worst finishers photo of all time.

Regardless of what I would deem as a poor race, I finished second in my age group out of 67 and walked away with a cool glass plaque.

Two days after this race I had a temperature over 101 and it has continued for a few days.  Obviously I was catching something which may have affected my race.  There is another 5K in about 4 weeks.  Redemption!


middleagedrunner said...

Your finishers photo is glorious! Hahaha! Sorry that your race felt yucky but the pretty award makes up for it and I'm sure that the impending plague had something to do with it. Good job!

Carina said...

I think I love you for posting that picture, too funny!! Hope you're feeling better.