Thursday, April 27, 2006

Only in My Dreams

This is for all you Debbie Gibson fans out there.

Totally just kidding. Except I did see Debbie (now Deborah) Gibson in concert a few years back when NSync came to town. But, seriously, y'all don't need to know that about me. And now you're probably not my friends anymore. It was a phase! Seriously!!!

Anyway, I've had two reoccuring dreams in my life. In one I would be able to puff myself up, like one of the balloons at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and I would float around. It was weird and kinda creepy. I used to have curtains and bedding when I was a kid that had hand-drawn zoo animals on them. Sometimes I would wake up, but still be in a trance and they used to puff themselves up and float around my room. I remember having this illusion while I was in the shower too when I was a kid. Used to totally freak me out. I don't know if those have anything to do with each other, but I haven't had either dream/illusion in a long time.

The other reoccuring dream I've recently been having is that I'm enrolled in college and I've reached the last week of the quarter. I'm heading to my finals only to realize that I haven't attended class or studied all quarter. Last night I had this dream. I was living in a house with a lot of other people, probably a sorority house or a dorm, and I was supposed to attend a multi-cultural function at 5:00. But it was 5:10 and it was clear across campus (I'm guessing I was at OSU and OSU is a HUGE campus), so I decided I couldn't make it there in time. But I needed to go to this function/class. So then I decided I needed to run a race, but the race was at 4:40 and it was 5:10 and obviously I couldn't make it to the race either.

Reoccuring dreams freak me out! They obviously mean something and have a place in your every day life and that's why you're having the dreams. Yes, I feel totally disorganized right now with juggling all my balls, but is that really what the dream meant? I feel like I can someone control my chaos. Is it really that out of control?


jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

I could make a funny comment about you juggling your balls, but I might sound crude.

Hey if it makes you feel any better, I lived the dream of heading to finals regretting that I hadn't attended classes or studied all semester. I guess that's why I'm taking my "do over" now.

Michelle said...

That's funny. I frequently have dreams about school, too. It's either H.S. or college (OSU) and I always have a really heavy backpack, and a short amount of time before class starts, but I'm either not sure where my class is or how to get there. Maybe it means I'm confused or overwhelmed . . . ? At least it's not one of those dreams where you show up to class without any pants on or something!!