Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Real World

In baseball there are magic numbers which indicate the number of wins needed by a team to win a division. I know that's not a full explanation, but Dave can help me out in the comments.

My magic number for the past two weeks has been 3. That's the number of miles I have run since September 15th. Last week I was sicker than a dog (and still am) and in addition, I have returned to college which interferes with two days of running per week. Yesterday I worked 10 hours which kept me from running because I had too much homework to do for class today. My marathon is in 3-1/2 weeks and this is supposed to be my highest mileage week. I don't think 3 miles is going to cut it.


Dave said...

Magic Number: The number of combined wins by a team and losses by another team in order to clinch something.

Michelle said...

that sounds like a crazy (time) balancing act! good luck. speaking of time being sucked away . . . are you going to watch the season premiere of ER tonight?

Andrea said...

yes, but how many did you run the week before??
I tell myself that you're better off to try to get well than run yourself ragged.

I say that easily, because I haven't hit alot of my target runs either :-/

I know you'll do fantastic in CBus and run Mary to Boston!!!