Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Homestretch 20 Miler

This past Sunday I ran the Homestretch 20 miler which was my last long run before the marathon in a few weeks. The gameplan was the run easily and get in the miles. Dave and I met up with my dad and Patty. Dave had decided he was going to run slower today, and I didn't see him again until the end. Dad was going to walk all the waterstops, so I didn't see him from the third waterstop on. (He got really bad blisters and walked the last five miles.) Patty and I ran the whole thing together--comfortably.

We started out in the 9:30s and finished in the low 8:00s. Exactly how I like to run. We didn't walk any waterstops and had fun passing A LOT of people. My time was seven minutes slower than last year, but that's okay. I finished in 7th place of my age group with a 2:56:38.

Less than three weeks until the marathon and I'm feeling good.

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Val said...

You look good, too! Glad things are going so well. Good luck w/ the last of the training. Hope it cools down enough for you guys to be comfortable.