Monday, October 29, 2007

The Winter Plans

Now that the racing season has wound down and the next training cycle doesn't start until January, I need something on which to focus. Last year I worked really hard at my running and dieting and had great results. I got down to my lowest weight in a long time (107) and had two fantastic marathons--Boston (3:40) and Chicago (3:35). This year I kinda let myself go and gained back a lot of weight and didn't concentrate too much on my running.

But this few week offseason and all the way leading up to Boston, I am going to try to get back to where I was a year ago and I'm shooting for a really big goal in Boston--3:33. Yep, I'm gonna go ahead and publically announce it!

Here's the plan now that a week has passed since the marathon. I'm going to cut back on the gluttony. Seriously, I love food and high caloric food, but I need to slow it down and eat a few more fruits and vegetables. Next, I'm going to do a little more cross training. I love to swim, but I rarely make time for it. I'm also going to put more emphasis on my speed training, something I didn't do any of for Columbus. And lastly, I am going to weigh in and take weekly measurements to see how I'm tracking. This is more about getting fit than losing weight and I think that should be tracked more through total numbers than just what the scale says.

So, I weighed in and took the measurements last Tuesday and will continue every Tuesday. Here are the baselines:

Weight: 119.3 pounds
Chest: Do you really think I'm going to tell you that?!
Bust: Seriously?!
Waist: 28-1/2 inches
Hips: 35 inches
Butt: 36 inches
L Bicep: 10 inches
R Bicep: 10-1/4 inches
L Quad: 18-1/2 inches
R Qual: 19 inches
L Calf: 14 inches
R Calf: 14 inches

The best calves are only 1/2 inches smaller than Dave's!

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Val said...

Might want to look into getting a Tania scale... they measure your water weight, bone density, body fat, etc. Gives more than just a weight- it breaks it all down. And it even measures viscreal fat. That can't be how you spell it... hmmmm...