Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

I have been watching the Olympics nonstop now for two weeks. And seriously, I need a nap. There have been a lot of great moments from the telecasts. My favorite moment was probably last night when Haley Ishumatsu was interviewed after she failed to qualify to finals of the platform diving and she broke down and cried. So often the athletes almost seem like robots in the way they compete and interview. It was nice to see a real moment.

So, what has been your favorite moment from the Olympics?


Flatman said...

Of course all the Phelps stuff.

Bolt taking the WR in 100m AND 200m!!!

Also the finish of the mens triathlon was amazing....

Dave said...

Men's 4x100 swim

Men's triathlon finish

Last few minutes of overtime in the women's soccer final

Butterfly said...

Michael Phelps, he's amazing. I also enjoyed Cullen Jones. I'm hoping to see more of him. I was really disappointed when Dena Kastor had to drop out though.