Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

The people who know me in real life would never describe me as "mild mannered." To say I'm high-strung is a drastic understatement. Right now I'm under a doctor's care to settle down and control the probable ulcer I have. Yeah, I'm that high strung. As Ironman training goes on, I'm starting to lose it. My temper will flare at anything and everything. I'm likely to make a scene or maybe even get arrested for assault. Okay, not really. But I will cuss at you if you're being a dingbat in the swimming pool.

So, what gets you all fired up?


Brandon said...

Hahaha! I have to agree with that one, dingbats in the swimming pool.

Cigarettes or trash being thrown at me while Im cycling pisses me off!.

Michelle said...

Rudeness; hypocrisy; child abusers; people who refuse to even listen to another point of view; people who make fun of other people for things they can't help (e.g. disabilities); people who think they are better than other people. No, I guess I'm not opinionated either ;-)

Melissa said...

I get pissed off all the time. It's not good and I am working on being a more peaceful person but it's not easy. Too many things get my gord.

Judi said...

haha, i dont remember how many times i went off on people in the pool last year, ESP if it's supposed to be a lap lane and they arent swimming! UGH!! you are doing great girl. dont freak out. its gonna be a great race for you.