Saturday, February 05, 2011

Life at Sea

The cruise was seven days and four of those days were at sea. The first day was fun. We found activities to do. After that we were BORED!!! Some of the things we did....

Gambled: We each bet a dollar and lost all of it. Dave did, although, bet another dollar when we flew through Vegas and won 60 cents. You better believe he cashed out.

Gambling for dummies!

Ate, a lot: Usually a light breakfast, a big breakfast, light lunch, big dinner, and maybe some ice cream. :)

Breakfast #1

Partied: Well, we attended one party, anyway.

Dressed up: I have no idea why I had to dress up just for dinner.

My $5 dress from H&M.

Imbibed: We tried a whole plethora of martinis.

Um, what?:

Today is the last post about the cruise so I guess it's time to give my thoughts. Um, well, it was okay. Yeah, just okay. I have a theory that you cannot claim you've visited a state if you never leave the airport in that state. I kinda feel the same way about cruising. To me, I have a hard time claiming I've been to Mexico. In Puerto Vallarta, I never left the gated area of the cruise ship dock. In Cabo, we never left the boardwalk. In Ensenada, we were on a tour bus. For me, it took the adventure out of vacation. If you didn't figure it out from the title of my first post, yes we were on "The Love Boat": Princess Cruise Lines. Now, I knew Carnival was considered the party cruise line, but I didn't know that Princess was considered, um, how should I say this correctly?, the elderly cruise line. I kid you not, it seemed that the average age on the ship was 60. We had heard jokes before we left saying, don't trip over everyone's walkers and rascal scooters and I swear, they were everywhere. One night we went to the martini bar, at 9:00pm, and there were five people asleep listening to the music. My favorite was the man beside us who was not only asleep, but snoring, and he would wake up and applaud at the end of each song. Seriously. So, will I ever cruise again. Probably, just not on Princess. And I'd have to be very selective about where I go, how long the cruise is, and what I (we) would do. Dave and I have taken fantastic vacations with a lot of planning and thought. This cruise just didn't seem "us". Oh well. It was time away from the cold and snow and gave us a little R&R. Now onto planning the next adventure....


Laura Wheatley said...

It looks like you guys made the most of it- that's EXACTLY how Dan and I vacation...we EAT a lot, we DRINK a lot, I make him dress up "just for dinner" because we live in sweatpants at home :)

Yes, plan a better cruise! They can be a blast.... fyi there are "cruise to run" adventures... google search it!

Kacie Darden said...

I like your review, and I bet my husband and I would feel the same way on one! Glad you made the best of the trip!

Stef said...

We did an Alaska cruise on Princess. I don't remember there being an excessive number of old people there. Could be the destination, or maybe I just didn't notice.

We decided, though that cruising is not really our thing either, for some of the reasons you talk about here. We like a bit more freedom and independence and adventure.

I've been enjoying your pics of Mexico!