Friday, September 23, 2011

Pictures from Cedar Point

It took me a few days to process everything out. Truth of the matter is, I was sick. There's nothing I could do about being sick. Had I not been, I would have finished the day as an ironwoman. That's the risk you take when choosing to do epic endurance racing. You put all eggs in one basket and that basket has got to hold steady. Surprisingly, I'm okay with all this. There will be other races. For now, I'm just laying low and continuing to swimbikerun for fun.

I've finally downloaded all the pictures Dave took from Cedar Point. There's not all that many of them since the day stopped half way through the bike, but I thought I'd share what I had.

Mine's the midget bike.

REALLY not looking like I'm feeling good.

But, giving the double thumbs up that the first half of the swim has gone well and I'm okay.

Pointing to Rachelle, showing she was right beside me. This was funny as we had discussed we were doing the whole racing holding hands.

And this is what I looked like after midnight, completely drugged up and barely able to keep my eyes open having spent the whole day tossing my cookies. Good times!


Melissa C said...

I am so sorry your day ended the way it did. Being sick is no fun, especially on race day. I am glad you listened to your body and are better now.

I read your post yesterday, and didn't comment b/c I am such a bad reader.....I found your point interesting about the book perhaps should be in a different section of the library. I am always amazed at the information on the interet that is available on controversial subjects, like bombs, drugs, ect. Also, some of the reporting on the news seems like it shouldn't be done, like we are giving away miliary info to terrorists on the news. Aside from that, I am pretty cool with free speech and not banning books.

SSB said...

Just catching up on blogs. Sorry your day didn't go as planned. But you'll do it someday. It's not all that everyone makes it out to be :-). Be glad that you were healthy enough to recover from your illness.

Ben said...

Im just now getting a chance to get around to blogs as it took us a couple weeks to finish settling in here in North Carolina.

The thing that people who DNF don't tell you is that it's so much harder to not finish than to finish. I thought I'd prepared for everything, but just like you with the illness, the freak hailstorm ruining my day is something you just can't do anything about. It's a learning and growing experience I guess. But it makes me wish I'd taken everything a bit more seriously, a bit more detailed.

The great thing is these races happen every year, and we get another chance. Hopefully a chance where you arent sick, and Rach and I hadnt just lived in a hotel for a month and moved to North Carolina only 6 days before.