Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Giant Eagle Multisport Festival 10K 2012

**This race was run on July 29th.  I am way behind on posting.**

The reason I did my 20 miler on a Friday, besides being done with work for the week, was because I had a 6 mile tempo run on the schedule and thought, hey why not do a 10K?  10Ks are hard to come by around here and knowing there was one with the Giant Eagle Multisport Festival (Ironman 5150), I thought I would go ahead and sign up.  Well, I didn't sign up until Thursday evening (expensive) and by Friday it had sold out.  Lucky.

Being that I had already run 32 miles for the week, having just done a 20 miler two days ago, and knowing that this 10K wouldn't be a big deal since this was a multisport event, I had zero expectations. The race was really small and I lined up pretty close to the front.

In a word, the course was brutal.  Maybe that's too tough a word.  The course was not easy and not fun.  From the start it went immediately uphill towards Front Street and turned right.  The it headed back across the river and caught the Olentangy Trail.  I hit the first mile in 6:30-something.  Yikes!  And then there was an 180 degree turn.  And another one and another one.  There were eight freakin' 180 degree turns on this course.  The miles were schizophrenic too.  Mile 1 - 6:30ish, Mile 2 - 7:15, Mile 3 - 8:34, Mile 4 - 7:something, Mile 5 - 6:54, Mile 6 - ????

I knew right from the start that there were no awards at this race.  Normally I wouldn't care, but I worked my bum off in this race.  Miles one and two I was the 5th place woman.  Around mile 3-1/2 I caught the fourth place girl.  For the next two miles I tracked down the 3rd place woman and finally caught her at the five mile mark.  I was going to place in the top three of this race and of course, there was no podium.

I finished the race in 45:40, 3rd place woman, and a new PR.  Awards or not, I'll take a solid race effort.

I got two medals.  One for the race and the other for completing two of the three Mayor's challenge races this year (Cap City and this race).


Amy said...

'atta girl! Nice work!

Murph said...

45:40 is a really good time.
Well Done!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Good job! It's really hard for me to pace myself during shorter races! You did really well at it though! I love your red hat and matching shorts!