Friday, September 14, 2012

Our Planned Surprise

If you missed the memo from last Friday, I am pregnant - preggo, knocked up, with child, in the family way, whatev.  I posted this same picture on Facebook and received a crazy amount of feedback including almost 150 likes and nearly 100 comments.  Geesh, I didn't know I even had that many friends! One of my friends offered up congratulations but then said that this was unexpected.

If you know anything about me and my type A personality, and he should, he's known me for 15+ years, you would know I don't do anything without a plan. This baby has been in the works for a LONG time, although we only really got serious about it this year.  As I'm now in my mid-30s I thought if I didn't have a child now it probably wouldn't happen.  I took things seriously.  I was taking my basal temperature and charting it.  I was using ovulation prediction tests.  But after a few months it was clear that things were not working as well as they once were.  The doctor speculated it could have been my age, or how much I was running, or the amount of vitamin D I was taking to help with my depression.  Basically, no one had any ideas. 

Running was going well, though, and I signed up for a marathon and started training hardcore.  Then we got hit with the news that we were going to be relocated for Dave's work.  And although we really weren't NOT trying to get pregnant, we were moving on with our lives and planning on the marathon and the move.  Life got busy and "sexy time" fell to the wayside.  Whatever.  We would try again after we moved.

Before we knew it we were packing to go to London.  Although we weren't taking this whole "getting pregnant thing" all that seriously anymore, I was still charting my temperature and noticed that when we went to London I should be on my period.  I swear, I am on my period every damn vacation I take!  The day before we left for our trip I even mentioned this to the girl who sits across from me at work.  (Yes, chicks talk about this stuff.)  So on the way home from work I picked up "supplies" and also grabbed a pregnancy test.  I had ZERO thoughts of why I would be pregnant but I thought, hey, if I don't have to pack supplies even better.

At 10 minutes until 4:00 Monday July 30th, I took the pregnancy test.  Although it says to wait three minutes, it came back positive in about three seconds.  I kid you not!  I would have thought when I finally saw a pregnancy test that I would be all giggles and happy and crying and joyous, etc.  Instead I said a few choice four letter words.  You have got to be kidding me?  Now!?  NOW?!

At 4:00 I had two realtor come over and tour the house.  I swear to god, I did not hear a single word they said.

As soon as they left, I called Dave.  I asked him when he was coming home.  He said why?  Umm...when are you coming home?!?!  Why?  Because Dave!  My pregnancy test came back positive.  WTF?!  He said, I'll be home in a few minutes.  We didn't hug.  We didn't say anything.  We just stared at the test.  Seriously.  Seriously?!  NOW?!

Of course, we didn't believe the test (you know, they're only 99% accurate), so I took another one Tuesday morning.  This one came back even darker and more clearer.

Oh my stars!  What is going on?  This was the day we were leaving for London so I called and talked to the nurse.  I had a few concerns....

I had no idea we were pregnant.  NO IDEA!  I really had no reason WHY we would have been pregnant.  So, I had gone about my business.  I had had a few drinks.  I had run a lot and fast (including one HOT 20 miler and two races).  And I was leaving out of the country in a few hours.  What do I do if I get sick over there?  PANICPANICPANIC!!!

**Sidenote...I had been told A LOT by many doctors that I would not be able to get pregnant because of the amount of miles I run and because my weight was so low.  To them I would like to show them my middle finger and tell them to F*Off.**

Here we are....11 weeks pregnant with a real baby.  So far, things have gone smoothly.  I have not been sick, I've been able to manage the "tireds" with lots of naps, and luckily, I have yet to put on a single pound.  We might have been really, REALLY surprised by our positive pregnancy test, but we are excited and are looking forward to our new adventures.


Amy said...

Woo hoo!!! Congrats to you and Dave!

And... in response to your "sidenote": BOOM!

Colleen said...

I love this story! :) It was the right time... you just might not have been totally expecting it!

So excited for you and Dave!

TriMOEngr said...

So pleased for you even if the timing is a bit crazy.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

What? A runner? Who is type A? No way... Anyway, congrats again! That is so awesome! I am glad you got what you wanted, even if it was at a strange time!

..:danielle:.. said...

dont you love it when the "experts" are wrong? theyre telling me the same thing. congrats!!

Melissa C said...

Meredith- did I tell you this is how it happens? Like how I got pregant before Detroit? trying, trying, trying, then screw it, take a break from "trying", I am going to run a fall race. Sign up for race, and BOOM, pregnant. that is how it works. Congrats again :)

Jeffrey Smith said...

add "pregnatized" to the list. congrats to you two!