Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pregnancy and Running, Thus Far

I always thought that when I was pregnant that I would continue to run until my body just wouldn't allow me to and really love the freedom of running without training.  I've had many friends run through their pregnancy, all the way through, and even had a friend run a 4:09ish marathon while 7 months pregnant.  However, I've got to let you in on a little secret.  So far, I have not really enjoyed running while pregnant.

Between weeks 6 and 10 of my pregnancy I battled "morning" (all the damn time) sickness.  And although I was never actually sick, I felt terrible.  It was hard to find the motivation to get out of the house and workout when I just wanted to be curled up asleep, fighting off the nausea.  Plus even slowing WAY down in my runs, I found myself getting winded rather easily and would spend more time walking than running.  So, I started incorporating a lot of walking.  Sometimes the workout would just be a walk.  I've been able to manage between 9-15 miles a week, mostly walking.  With the cooler temperatures now and quickly sliding into my second trimester, I'm finding it a little easier to run.  Last week I even managed to make it a mile and a half before I needed to walk.  And yesterday I ran three miles with only two walking breaks.  I'm hoping to run a few fun races in November.

When I decided earlier this year not to do triathlon again for a while, Dave and I quit our gym membership.  We had no idea what it was costing us but MAN!, it was expensive.  I have a membership to our gym at work, which only cost me $10/month.  I initially joined basically for the showers for when I rode my bike to work.  It has treadmills, ellipticals, classes, etc., but there are also strict rules regarding what you can and can't wear and there's loud pumping music there.  (Can you guess where I work?)  Lately, though, I've been longing to get back in the pool.  I think I'd really enjoy swimming while pregnant - easy on the body yet good exercise.  I want to be able to GO to a gym; I'm really lacking in motivation.  So, Dave and I are currently checking out the local Y which will save us over $30 a month from our previous gym and offer many programs we like for a future child.

And because some of you might care, and what's a blog post without a picture, here's the growing belly at 12 weeks, 4 days.


Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Ug. I have never been pregnant, but have heard horror stories about morning sickness! I am glad it's going away. It will be fun for you to run "for fun"!

Our gym selection is either the Y or 24 hour, which are about 30 dollars a month, OR the rest, which are 70 - 150 dollars a month. Its ridiculous!

Melissa C said...

Have you looked into Urban Active? That is where I go, and when I joined, it was $30/month, and they have a pool. I have added on $10/month for the playroom. This is for a single membership. It is just over half our Y, which does not have a "single + childcare", so I am forced to by a family membership at $76/m. UA is also sort of national, so I can use any of them. Just a thought.

I hated being pregnant too. Doesn't it just make you furious when you look at Keri Walsh right now? I wanted to curl up and sleep the entire 9.5 months, and my hatred of being pregnant is a huge factor in why we only have 2 kids. That and babies grow up into toddlers. Now that both of my kids are semi rational and school aged, it makes a baby appealing again, except the fact that we have our lives back, to some extent, and the thought of messing with that isn't super pleasant.

Murph said...

My wife was SOOO sick with all 4 of our kids. The one thing that worked for her was peppermint altoids. Something about the Peppermint Oil would quell the sickness.

TriMOEngr said...

Puked my guts up through the entire 9+ months both times. I did find walking to help a little the 2nd time. I did some pool time with the first one, but then got put on 10 weeks of bedrest for pre-term labor. Glad you are feeling better.

Megan said...

Yeah I had that nausea too - lasted until week 18 (ugh). Totally hear ya on the lack of motivation and wanting to lay in bed during that period.

But once I got out of it around week 18, the energy and motivation kicked back in. And in regards to running, one thing I had to come to terms with was that everyone's pregnancy is different - I soooo wanted to be that person that ran right up until the day she delivered, but it doesn't always work like that - during pregnancy, our bodies (and the baby) have the final say, despite what our minds might want. It was a huge mental struggle to wrap my mind around that sometimes, especially after reading about so many other athletes and what they could do while pregnant.

I think it's awesome that you have still kept up walking and are thinking about swimming too. The Y is a great option - reasonably priced, family-friendly.