Thursday, March 14, 2013

37 Week Doctor's Appointment

Thank goodness.  I'm almost done with all these doctor's appointments.

Dave was instructed to attend this appointment with me, so we knew it was an important one.  The doctor talked to us at length about labor and delivery and our options.  Since we had taken the childbirth classes at the hospital, we felt comfortable with everything that was being said.  The high risk doctor had not yet sent over the results from Tuesday's ultrasound, but we filled in the blanks of just how big the baby is.  She decided that maybe going to my due date is not such a good idea.

Then it was time for the measurements.  Everything was normal - weight, blood pressure, belly, and thankfully, I was a whopping 1/2 cm dilated. 

At the end of the appointment with the doctor's approval, our induction was scheduled.  This is both exciting and nerve wracking.  We're happy it's all coming to an end and we're finally going to meet the little devil, but the anticipation of having an actual date and knowing how it will all come to an end makes me a little nervous.

Except for our immediate families and our bosses, we have decided to keep our induction date to ourselves.  We don't want our phones and Facebook blowing up when the date does come. 

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Alili said...

Yay for a date! And yes, I still read your blog. ;)