Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A&F Challenge 5K 2013

My sister has recently taken up running.  This, of course, makes me so excited!  So when she asked if we were doing the A&F Challenge and if she could run it too, we jumped at the chance.  The thought was that I would race it, Dave would run with the stroller since he had just done his half ironman, and Amy would probably run with Dave.  But when it came time for the race, I was just feeling like I wanted to have fun, so I decided I would run with the stroller and with Amy. 

I didn't wear a Garmin and there were no mile markers, so I have no idea how we were doing.  I was talking Amy's ear off and in her own way I think she was telling me to shut up.  :)  We stayed together until maybe a quarter mile left.  I tried to get her to race me to the finish, but she was not having any of it.  I finished the race in 29:05, which was just fine and fun to push the stroller and hang out with my sister.  Amy finished closely behind me with a new PR of just under 30 minutes.  And Dave, that daggone Dave, went out and blasted another PR of 20-something.  Anderson just hung out in the stroller feeding himself a bottle.  He's a pro at racing already.

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Betsy said...

That's really awesome. Some times it's fun to just have fun. Especially when you're supporting your sister and letting the day be about someone else. I don't know your sister but it probably meant a lot to her and made for a better experience which will make her want to keep running!