Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm Back

Because of the nature of my job, I spend a lot of time on social media and can easily get sucked into it.  I try, very hard, to watch what I say online as you don't know who is reading it and how it might affect others.  However, social media is a tricky thing as everything is written/typed and sarcasm, anger, happiness, etc. cannot always be easily interpreted.  A few weeks ago I put a comment on a Facebook status that was meant to strike up conversation and not controversy, but instead I got a nasty little email from the person basically, in a word, bitching me out for everything I've ever written.  What was said was very hurtful and kinda shook me.  I needed a break from social media.

I had planned to write every day in September.  I had/have lots to talk about.  I needed a little break and I think I will continue to kinda stay away from Facebook and Twitter (although I love me some Instagram), but I love my blog.  I love to write about my adventures and my little peanut.  So, I'm back.  And I have lots to write about.  Stay tuned for race reports (I'm running 4 races in September!!!), something I'm calling Operation: BAMF, a little injury I'm nursing, and pictures and stories from our vacation.

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Colleen said...

Social media can definitely be a double edged sword. I'm glad that you are sticking with writing on the blog and I look forward to your September updates. Good luck on your 4 races. BAMF is right! :)