Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Decisions....ugh, I hate them

I have two more races on the calendar this year: a 4 mile fun run with the family on Thanksgiving and the big giant 50K in December.  I have been internally debating the 50K every day for weeks.  During the marathon and immediately afterward I said absolutely NO WAY!  That shit was hard!  But a few days later I thought, it can't be any harder right?  What's 5 more miles?  Sure, I can do it. 

But really what's holding me back is my shin.  Ugh!  That damn shin!  I have babied the heck out of it - icing, PTing, moving most of my workouts to the elliptical.  Then when it's feeling good I do one run on the treadmill or the trails and BAM! It hurts again.

I threw it out to Facebook a while ago about deferring to next year as that was an option for this race.  Every single person who responded said to defer.  I didn't want to defer, though.  Who knows what I'd be doing next year?  Plus, I'm already registered and already trained.  So, I didn't defer.  The money's already spent.

This is my last big week of training I could put in before the 50K.  I had hoped to put in a solid week of training including another 20+ miler on the trails this coming weekend.  Right now, though, I'm hanging out on the elliptical and doing some pool running. 

Truthfully, I'm really torn about this race.  I guess I'll just see how this week unfolds.

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