Thursday, October 08, 2015

September Totals

Hey look at this!  The husband found a way to get some of my GoPro pictures.

Nice T-Rex arms!  Raaawwwrrr!
Anyway, let's talk about September.  I did some running, lots of swimming, and lots of working.  Here's the lowdown.

Swimming - 30,100 yards ~ 17.1 miles
So much swimming.  So much more to come.

Running - 45.27 miles
Getting there, slowly, but surely.

Strength - 1.5 hours
This was probably more as I would do my rehab exercises throughout the day and then not record them. 

YMCA Visits - 11
Cost per Visit - $3.42  (They finally got us on the employee discount!!!)

I have no idea what October will bring as it is the end of the season and it's a long way to go before my goal race next September.  Tune in, though.  I've got big thoughts...

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