Friday, February 26, 2016

Am I Training for Boston?

This morning I hit the treadmill for one bitch of a run.  It was a designed treadmill run which included 4 x 5 minutes at a 4% incline at a steady pace (8:30 miles).  Am I training for Boston?  This run was hard, sweaty, and yet, I kicked its ass.  I'm in such good running shape right now, it's scary. 

Here was my favorite moment from the run.

I was doing this run at the Y.  Anderson was at preschool and the Y allows me to fully concentrate on my workouts without getting caught up in what I should be doing at home instead of running.  Anyway, like everyone else, I have basically had a cold since Thanksgiving, which has included a lot of nasal drip.  It's worse in the morning.  As a run goes on, that drip turns into a lot of throat clearing and coughing.  I hate doing it and feel like an idiot.  And I especially feel bad for the people who are on the treadmills next to me.  However, the woman on the treadmill next to me this morning cracked me up.  I had been running for a solid 30-45 minutes so the cough was full-on.  The treadmill next to me had been empty for a while but was totally loaded up with my germs.  An older woman got on the 'mill next to me and started doing some walking.  Every time I cleared my throat or had a little cough, she would take a towel and cover her nose and mouth.  It was obnoxious and yet I couldn't help but giggle.  There one million treadmills at the Y and she could have seen I was grossing all over everything before choosing her treadmill.  Needless to say, she didn't last long next to me - three minutes tops.  Whatever.  The Y is a cesspool of germs.  My coughing is not going to change anything.

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Carina said...

That's too funny! I'd vote you definitely do Boston again. The goal will carry you through the misery of next winter.