Monday, January 09, 2017

Eff this Sh!t!

When I was first starting out I loved winter running.  I still love running in the snow but I used to be able to handle the cold temperatures like a champ.  As I've gotten older, I don't really want to be in the cold.  I hate the cold.  Why DO I live in Ohio?

But, of course, I chose a March marathon to try to qualify for Boston so winter training it is.  This weekend it was like 7 degrees and I had a two hour long run on the schedule.  I was wearing...

Compression sleeves
Wool socks
Long sleeve base layer
Another long sleeve shirt on top of that
Jacket on top of that
Winter hat

And I was carrying about 90 gallons of water on my back.  At first I was hot - sweating within a few minutes.  I quickly took my mittens down to gloves, took the Buff off my face, and unzipped my jacket a little.  But, my legs were cold and my heart rate was jacked.  I was shuffling along and it was sucking with every step.  When I finally reached the light were I could turn around or keep going, I said fuck it and headed home.  I had the biggest bitch fest when I got there that included me screaming, "I don't even want to do the fucking marathon!  I have nothing to prove!"

I wound up with 4.3 miles and I am sore like I ran a half marathon.  I'm probably going to try the run again today after work, but even though the weather is looking better, I think I'm going to take it inside to the treadmill.

Bite me, mother nature.


Carina said...

Oh my, Texas has made me a wimp! I wore all of the same layers except compression sleeves and a buff, and it was only mid-20s here (but that was the coldest it's been here in ages and I'm woefully unacclimated!).

middleagedrunner said...

It's treadmill weather for sure. I can't cope with the stupid freezing temps!

Anonymous said...

Yep, totally not missing the cold of Ohio! The past few days in VA it's been in the teens, but it's somehow still not as cold as it was at the same temps in OH. Our friend went back up to OH with my husband in December to help him finish up some stuff and he even said it was way colder there at the same temps. It's crazy! Stay warm and power through. We're already 10 days into January so it should be over soon. Also, what marathon are you running?