Thursday, August 17, 2006

I'm actually creating a post, therefore it must be Thursday

Look at this beautiful sky that I found around 6:30 this morning just outside my front door!

First things heartrate monitor is back from the manufacturer and it appears to be working. Check, check.

Vacation starts tomorrow. California here I come!

I did my last physical therapy this morning on my foot. Very painful, but handled it with a smile. Did I mention I'm going on vacation?

So, I know you all watched the finale of "So You Think You Can Dance?" last night, right? I did! I don't know if you all caught this, but was that Danny Pintauro yelling and screaming and cheering his buns off last night in the front row? Was I the only person who saw that?

And now...on with Thursday Thoughts.

1. Do you wear sunblock everyday? If yes, what SPF factor?

2. Do you wear glasses or contacts? If yes, are you near sighted or far sighted?

3. Do you donate to charity or participate in charity work or events? If so, what?

4. If you only had three days left in life, what would do?

5. What is your favorite amusement park? When was the last time you visited? Why do you like it?


Shelley said...

1) no, not everyday..only when I know i'll be outside for extended periods of time.
2)Both contacts and glasses
3)All the time!! At work we do so many charities it's not funny. Ran my own race this summer and raised $20k for cancer.
4) Be with my family and spend every second with them
5) Cedar point, we were there in July...then it rained and they shut down every single ride..sigh. I like 'cause it's not that far of a drive, plus the rides are awesome!

Meredith said...

1. I try to wear sunblock on my face everyday and usually between 35 and 50 spf.

2. I used to wear contacts and glasses because I was near sighted, but last year I had lasik surgery and now I wear nothing.

3. Dave and I sponsor a child in Haiti. I have also done missions work in Miami, Atlanta, Virginia, South Carolina, and Oklahoma City.

4. If I only had three days left, I certainly wouldn't sleep. I would live it up with family and friends and do all the things I never got to do.

5. Truthfully, I have a fear of rollercoasters, but I think I too would have to pick Cedar Point as my amusement park of choice. Although, I have visited Disney World 8 times.

Michelle said...

1. I used to, but not always anymore. SPF 15, because my understanding that anything beyond that doesn't work significantly better, so it's not worth the extra money you spend on it.

2. usually contacts, but sometimes glasses. myopic with astigmatism.

3. different ones at different times: for example, I've was a volunteer 1st aid/CPR instructor with the Red Cross, as well as a volunteer at their first aid station at a Columbus Crew game, Brian and I helped at the Columbus Special Olympics a couple of times, we each went on (separate) mission trips to Honduras (before we were married)

4. Wow, that's a hard one. I guess spend time talking and playing with my family and friends.

5. I haven't been to very many, so probably King's Island, because I'm most familiar with it. I do actually like it better than Cedar Point, though, except that there's not a beach (at K.I.) I'd like to check out 6 Flags over Georgia now that we're living here, though.

by the way, have a great time on your trip. can't wait to hear about it when you get back. Great picture of the sunrise, too!

jeff said...

yay for vacation!

1. only when i'm going paddling or sitting somewhere for a long time (like a ball game). not sure of the spf.

2. glasses for driving and watching movies...stuff where i need sharp focus on distance objects.

3. does tithing count? we've got a child that we support through world vision, and we support a girl that works for campus crusade. oh, and we volunteer with the fit & fun program for the olive crest kids. oh, and smsmh runs the heart gallery for oc.

4. can i be selfish? sure i'd like to be with family and friends...but if i'm being selfish...i'd like to spend my last three days in the sierras. hiking, paddling, running...just being.

5. oh, i'll say disneyland, but only because it has tom sawer's island. as a kid i would spend hours running all over that thing. it inspired creativity like nothing else.

jessie_tri_mn said...

1) on face daily (15). If outside 30 on exposed.

2) I wear contacts and glasses, but only need them for work/driving. Am slightly nearsigthed.

3) Random HIV/AIDS related fundraising evens (cycling rides, mostly)

4) I would call everyone I've meant to call this past year, but for some reason or another, haven't. Then, spend the time quietly with my family.

5) Oh yes, Cedar Point. Love those coasters!