Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Why Bert, You're Sick!

All summer I was very careful to craft my mileage so that when marathon training began it wouldn't be a huge jump so I wouldn't get injuries or be too tired or whatnot. Every week I ran around 30-35 miles, which I thought was a pretty good base. Last week was the kick-off to Chicago 2006 and I jumped to 44 miles on the week (only becaues I ran a race on Sunday; otherwise it would have been 36 miles). And wouldn't you know, yesterday I caught a cold! That always happens to me when I put more stress on my body! So frustrating! I'm going to try to run through it, though, and just load up on beverages and sleeping. And I'm already seeing the doctor for a follow-up next week on my foot so if it turns into a sinus thing, which is always does, then I'll just ask him to write me a prescription then.

Sorry I've been so infrequent with my posts. I've been very busy both at home and at work. I'm about to go on vacation people! It takes a lot of preparation to go on vacation. :)

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Michelle said...

Hope you're feeling better. I missed "Thursday Thoughts" last week!