Monday, August 07, 2006

If you're going to San Diego

Okay, I know that's not the way the song goes. Dave and I are heading out on vacation in a few weeks and we're going to southern California. Officially we're staying in Dana Point, which I believe is close to Laguna and halfway between LA and San Diego. We have a few things planned (Angels game, Joshua Tree National Park, maybe going to see the Rose Bowl), but mostly we've kept our schedule open. We just don't know much about southern California and what we want to see.

So tell us, interweb, what's the things to do and see in SoCal?


jeff said...


well, for starters, let's get you to the beach. head to balboa island in newport, just a couple miles up the coast. for more ocean related fun, head up to long beach for the aquarium of the pacific. from dana point, you can also take the boat over to catalina island for a day trip.

heading inland a bit offers several theme parks, like disneyland, knotts berry farm and even further away, magic mountain. the getty museum in la is an amazing, all day adventure. several other la attractions might be fun like the chinese theater and alvarado street.

there are several small venue concert halls, too, like the grove at anaheim, the galaxy or the coach house. check their websites to see if they're offering shows you might be interested in (usually inexpensive events).

city walk at universal studios, and downtown disney, along with irvine spectrum and the block at orange offer outdoor shopping and dining, along with theater options.

for nature type trips, you've already mentioned joshua tree, so i'll suggest hiking to the top of san jacinto after taking the tram up from palm springs. if you have lots of free time driving up the 395 to explore ghost towns is always exciting. with even more time, a trip to yostemite is a must do.

and finally, you must stop by the smsmh grill for either their world famous lasagna or pan grilled salmon.

okay...i think that should get the wheels turning!

jeff said...

oh...duh. san diego, too.

well, there's legoland theme park (i can see dave enjoying that!), old town in san diego, coronado island, mission beach...and of course, you could drive to murietta to see if you can catch a glimps of floyd landis dodging media.

Dave said...

Thanks for the great ideas, Jeff!

Is San Jacinto something that's doable in August heat?

Unfortunately, Yosemite is probably too far for a day trip from Dana Point, I'd guess. I'd love to get back there sometime, and Meredith's never been.

jeff said...

i've done san jacinto in august before. the great thing about it is that it'll be 120 down in palm springs and 60 up on the mountain. AND you get crazy thunderstorms. if you do that trip, be prepared for hail, heavy rain and lightening. if a storm moves in and you're up on or near the summit, get down into the

hey, i'll shoot you guys our contact info. give us a holler when you get in town. we'd love to host you for dinner and hopefully for a run or two, too!