Thursday, September 21, 2006

Do you Remember the Twenty-First Night of September--Thursday Thoughts

Today is Dave and my fourth wedding anniversary (thank you, thank you), so Thursday Thoughts is probably going to follow a theme.

For all the newbies out there...which probably isn't anyone...I ask 5 questions, you answer the questions in the comments section. It's fun, easy, and interactive. Let's get it on!

1. How many years have you been married? Or if you're single (Noj), how long was your longest relationship?

2. What was the best date you've ever had? Worst date (I think I've asked this one before)?

3. How were you proposed to? Or how did you propose? Or how would you like to propose?

4. If you were to get married again, would your wedding be the same? If no, how would it differ? Or if you're not married, how do you envision your wedding?

5. What's a memorable present you have received for an anniversary or wedding or whenever? What's the best present you've ever given?


jeff said...

1. smsmh and i will be celebrating 12 years this november.

2. best date? hmm...i'd have to say the first date was the grooviest.

3. i knelt down on one knee on her doorstep.

4. i would change NOTHING, it was an amazing wedding.

5. smsmh made me a shadow box commemorating our first marathon in australia together.

Noj said...

What, am I your only single friend left?

1. 6 months.
2. Best date was with a girl (can't remember her name) that took me to a hockey game...ha ha, just kidding Dave.
3. I have no idea, never planned it out because never was close to propose to anyone.
4. M.Night Shyamalan will be there and more people will be paying attention to him that to my bride and I. But his gift (a new corvette) would make me easily forgive him
5. Never made it to a significant anniversary :(

Meredith said...

Noj! I thought it would have been the sorority party I took you to!

1. Uh duh! It's our fourth wedding anniversary.

2. I don't even remember if it was a date, but Dave and I spent an evening splashing in the rain and mudpuddles. That's when I knew I was in love.

3. Dave proposed to me in the whisper arch at Hayes Hall on the Oval.

4. If I were to get married again, I would probably have something really intimate and at some destination.

5. Dave is really great at giving gifts and I have loved all of them.

Dave said...

Got some duplicates here, obviously!

1. See Above

2. That was a good one, Meredith! I'll go with our first "official" date at Spinnaker's. As for worst, maybe a certain New Years Eve? Thank goodness for late-night pizza.

3. See Above. I had to make up a story about meeting our friends to get her down to the OSU campus that day. :)

4. I'd probably keep it pretty similar, though maybe a little smaller. There's a bunch of people who were there that I haven't seen since.

5. Well, I just got an iPod from Meredith, which I'm very excited about. :) But all her gifts are good ones!

Michelle said...

Congrats, Dave and Meredith!

1. 5 (as of August)
2. Probably helping to chaperone the church youth group at an amusement park. (I think it was Cedar Point.) Brian and I got stuck on one of the carnival type rides in the rain--it was hilarious!
3. Well, he tried to take me to a park in Westerville, but there were too many other people around, and he'd recently had knee surgery and he really couldn't get down on one knee very well, so he waited until we got back to his house, and gave me the ring and sort of knelt down there. it was still very sweet.
4. I probably would have a bigger reception with a live band and dancing. The wedding itself was just about right, though.
5. Oh, that's hard to say. Brian is really good with gifts. I guess it's probably the necklace he gave me after our son was born. It's beautiful, and I was not expecting it at all. I'm not sure about the best present I've given. I'm not nearly as good at that as Brian.