Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

I don't think I've mentioned that Dave and I are headed to Italy (and Switzerland) in a week. We will be visiting Milan (only one day), Venice, Rome, Florence, and Zermatt.

If you were going to these places what would you want to see? Or if you have been to any of these places, what was the things you enjoyed seeing?


jeff said...

with the giro rolling through italy right now, i'd say that i'd want to see a mountaintop finish to one of the stages.

i've been to italy a couple times, and sardinia is my favorite place to see. i'd go back there in a heartbeat and ride, hike or just lounge on the beaches.

Jason said...

I myself would love to see the Swiss Alps, so I am jealous of you guys. I've seen the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, and was utterly awed by them...until I was told that the Swiss Alps make them look like speed bumps.
In Italy, I would like to go to Rome and see the Colosseum, the Vatican, and the Sistine Chapel (isn't that in Rome??). I would also like to visit Venice and the Gran Paradiso National Park in the Valle d’Aosta area. The Tuscan area looks cool, too.

Like I told you and Dave, the old lady and I are talking about going to Italy ourselves within the next few years, and you are kind of like our guinea pigs, so I'll definitely be picking your brains when you guys get back, and looking at all your photos.

Dave said...

We're actually going to be in Milan (where the Giro ends) one day after the finish. Too bad!

Boston Road Runner said...

I would try to make a trip to Cinque Terre - my favorite place in the world. It's considered part of the Italian Riviera and it's amazing!
Venice is another of my favorite places. At night they have concerts out in the squares near the cathedrals - be sure to see this.
Be sure to eat lots of gelato! Have fun.

Val said...

Skipping your questions completely, we're coming to Columbus this weekend & bringing the backpacks for you to try- better late than never! =/