Thursday, August 09, 2007


Two years ago Dave and I were out running and we saw a perfectly good pair of Nike sunglasses on the side of the road. They fit me wonderfully and looked cute on me, so I kept them. A couple weeks ago after spending the weekend in Cleveland, I lost the sunglasses.

A week ago I was in a bathroom at work and beside the sink was a bag with a pair of shoes and a pair of sunglasses. As much as I was tempted, I didn’t take them. Later in the day, about six hours later, I frequented that bathroom again and the shoes and sunglasses were still there. This time I couldn’t resist, after all, I had given the person six hours to retrieve them.

Two days ago I was talking to a friend at work and one of the leads for our department was talking to another person about having her shoes and sunglasses stolen. My eyes got really big. I pulled my friend into the hallway and told her I was the one who stole the sunglasses.

After simmering and stewing with a guilty conscious for a full 24 hours, I returned the sunglasses yesterday. Luckily, the woman thought the story was very funny. And, funny enough, the shoes were also returned to her by someone else.

That Karma…She’s a beyotch!


Laura said...

I'm sure you'll be rewarded in other ways ;-)

Val said...

Drat! Maybe someone will magically return the sunglasses you lost in Cleveland ;) I lost a pair at the Autumn Leaf Festival in Clarion- ain't no wayyyyyyyy I'll ever see those puppies again =/

Pat said...

NICE photo header. Is it new or am I blind?

Meredith said...

Yep, the header is new. Thanks for noticing.