Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Flying Feather Four Miler

It's tradition in my family that you run a race on Thanksgiving Day. We ALWAYS run the Turkey Trot, but competition has brought new races to Columbus and this year we decided to give another one a try. We ran the Flying Feather Four Miler. This race is only in it's second year but has become hugely popular because for the price you get a long sleeve technical shirt, discounts to the spa it's held at, cookies and lots of other goodies, and most importantly--a bottle of wine for finishing.

It was raining/sleeting on Thanksgiving morn so the walk to the race kinda sucked. We got there too late and had to line up way in the back. It took over a mile for the crowd to thin out and I swear I probably passed 1000 people during the race. I started my watch when I crossed the start line. My splits were 9:00, 8:30, 8:00, and 7:30 for an overall time of 33:06 (although not my official time).

I thought the race was overcrowded and needed a little better organization to handle the numbers it brought in. Being that it's only in its second year I'm sure they'll smooth out the wrinkles. And the bottle of wine was pretty good.

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Jessi said...

Nice work on the perfect negative splits!