Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tough Decisions

As much as I hate to admit it and try to deny it, I am a small town girl. How can I not be when I have returned to my roots? After graduating from college and getting married, I settled in that small town and returned to my school and began coaching track. Last year was my sixth year coaching. I have watched boys and girls become young men and women. This past fall at a football game I saw one of my former students with her husband. Wow!

Yesterday I made a bold decision. I resigned my coaching position. I cried A LOT. I love that school. I love the other coaches I can now call my friends. I love the kids. But, things have changed rapidly at the school and I felt like my role had become obsolete. Until last year it was just me coaching the distance runners. This past season I had a staff. Midway through the season I saw things from the outside and realized I wasn't doing anything. The new cross country coaches don't even know who I am. Doesn't that seem problematic? Track meetings have been held without me. Shouldn't I be part of the decision making?

Truth be told, I wanted to quit a year ago. I had coached a girl all the way to state and she was my first who would be running competitively in college. I had achieved what I set out to do. But, there were other people I had been coaching for a few years that I wanted to see through to their final season. Really, though, won't there always be somebody to see through?

Resigning this position is bittersweet. It's the first and only job I have loved. There are new adventures to have, though, and it's time to look forward without regret.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I think I remember you starting to consider that a few years ago. That must have been a HUGE decision for you. Good for you for just doing it and not looking back. It seems I'm always second-guessing myself, and I admire others who don't do that!
(I keep having problems signing in, so that's why I've had to comment as anonymous recently.)

Val said...

I hope you enjoy the freedom you'll have from coaching. Maybe you'll get to take some awesome pictures of the teams and support them in an entirely different way!

Andrea said...

Wow, I have been delinquent on blog running.. sorry to only stumble upon this now. That's a huge decision to make... I'm glad you know you've made a difference in some kids' lives (think of the girls you ran the half with in the Spring), but I'm also glad you're doing what you know is best for you..