Friday, December 21, 2007

Clash of the Choirs--Recap

Thank goodness I did not spend all my nights this week watching "Clash of the Choirs." I got all I needed in one night in between watching "100 Best Songs of the 90s" on VH1. Such a better show!

Here's the premise of the show. Five choirs competed for a quarter of a million dollars to give to a charity in their hometown. The five choirs were led by famous people. Team Rowland (Houston) was led by Kelly Rowland formally of Destiny's Child and now from the college football commercials (he he!). Team Bolton (LA?) was led by Michael Bolton. I love that he gave a shout out to Nicollete Sheridan last night. LOL! Team Shelton (OK City) was led by Blake Shelton. He's a country music star for those of you who don't know. Team LaBelle (Philly) was led by Patti LaBelle. And finally was Team Lachey (Cincinnati) led by Nick Lachey who should be famous from 98 Degrees but probably more famous by being the ex-husband of Jessica Simpson. The choirs were selected by audition in their hometowns and were brought to NYC to compete and be judged by audience call-ins, ala American Idol-esqe. Team Rowland was the first team eliminated and then team Bolton. Last night was two hours of recapping, finding out about the teams, hearing all the sappy stories, and actual choir performances. That's why I didn't need to watch the other three nights!

Anyway, "Clash of the Choirs", I believe, was sponsored by "First Sunday", the new movie with Tracey Morgan. Throughout the night snippets of the movie were shown along with Morgan talking about the movie on stage. After an mid-episode elimination of Team Shelton, the remaining teams were finally brought on the stage with about two minutes left in the show. Tracey Morgan was brought up on stage to rip open the envelope and deliver the winners. He was all butterfingers as it took him forever to open the envelope. Then he points toward his left and says "This team over here." Then you had to listen really closely. And thank goodness the TiVo allowed us to rewind it and laugh and laugh and laugh. Morgan says, "Team Lay-He". Tracey Morgan had been in attendance the whole night and still could not pronounce Nick Lachey's last night. Couldn't the producers have told him who would be winning and how to pronounce his name? Was he drunk or simply not paying attention?

Besides the very first act of the night forgetting the words to the solo (of a popular Christmas song, mind you), Tracey Morgan screwing up Nick Lachey's name made the show absolutely awful and spectacular. God bless reality TV.


Michelle said...

oh man, if I'd known Nick Lachey was on there, I would've watched. (I have to admit I've got a *secret* crush on him." oh well . . .

Guido said...

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