Wednesday, January 02, 2008


It’s here.

I have typed and typed words here and backspaced all of them. I do not know what to say about 2008.

I took a much needed break for the holidays. This break I needed to clear my head and define clear cut goals for myself for 2008. Most of the break I spent screaming about how miserable I am with my job and how I was not going to return to work. Today started with many choice four-letter words as I headed out. It was supposed to be a good day as I had an offer in-hand from another company and was ready to put in my notice. As it turned out, though, my manager never came to work, my friends tried to talk me out of it, and even after discussing it with my manager’s superior I was more confused than when I started.

This would be so much easier if….
I won’t have to do this any longer when….
I’m only committing a year….

I want to run more. I want to set a new personal best in the marathon. I want to take more pictures, attract more clients, and go full-time with my photography business. I want to get a tattoo. I want to throw a big party for my 30th birthday. I want to be a better friend. I want to pray more. I want to watch TV less. I want to spend less money. I want 2008 to totally rock!

I love resolutions. I love goals. I love lists. But today….I’m just trying to make it through today.


Anonymous said...

sometimes that's all you can do! (definitely "been there, done that" with not wanting to go to my job! what's happening with yours/the new offer, btw?) one of my resolutions (continued from last year, I must admit) is to learn to be content in all circumstances. I have times when I get caught up in the "if onlies" and it makes me miserable! I think the fact that you know what you want to change and are working toward it is very positive, even if today it doesn't feel like it. You seem to take your frustrations and turn them into specific goals and work toward them to make things better. Happy New Year!
Michelle (still having trouble signing it, so I have to be "anonymous")

Val said...

Hang in there! Change is in the air! =) I think you're so brave for the changes you've already done. You've gone pro with your photography, you've ended coaching, you did a European vacation, so I think it's not like you've been standing around like a stone! Cut yourself some slack and remember to breeeeeeathe. Love you!