Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Columbus Marathon--In Pictures

My personal paparazzi was on hand at the marathon last Sunday. Dave took my camera and snapped some good shot.

This is me before the start of the race. Do I look nervous? Scared?

And the start of the race by the Statehouse:

I wish this sign was written for me:

Near mile 9 when I shed my outer layer:

Closing in on mile 26 and still looking good (that's me near the back of the picture):

Still coming:

Right at mile 26:

And there I go off to the finish. Don't I look fit?

Looking pretty cool with salt all over my face:


Michelle said...

"personal paparazzi"--love it!
I'll go for some margaritas with you sometime next summer!


great pics!! If I do Columbus next year, we'll have margaritas together!! I'm anxious to hear more about the course. better or worse than in previous years? I loved the past courses (even though Miles 18-20 were bitches)