Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

I have a guilty conscious, especially after doing something I probably shouldn't have. Like, buying something expensive or eating something I shouldn't have or taking really long naps.

Yesterday I was on the elliptical machine at the gym (trying to keep my plantar fasciitis in check) and I saw a commercial for a take and bake pizza place. They were having a special for a meat stuffed pizza. On the way home I bought one of those pizzas. And it was yummy! But, it was so bad for me. I still feel guilty and frankly a little sick that I actually ate it.

So, what makes you feel guilty?


Flatman said...


Marcus Grimm said...

Never food - that's for sure. :)

Usually not easing up on workouts. But skipping workouts? Definitely.

A pile of unfolded laundry bothers me, but guilt probably isn't the right word. Annoyance?


Dave said...

Eating meat stuffed pizza for lunch the day after eating meat stuffed pizza for dinner. :)

Michelle said...

Being too hard on my kids, eating bad for an entire day (like today) or more, not exercising regularly, spending money frivolously.