Monday, October 06, 2008

Own It

There are 13 days until my marathon. My body is responding well and now it's time to focus on the mind and squash all the bad thoughts. I have been focusing on two words during my runs..."own it." I plan on writing it on my arm so I can see it while I race.

I had an exceptional run this morning that helped focus the mind and appreciate all the hard work I've put it. My run was 12 miles: first four miles were zones 1 and 2, miles 5-8 were at race pace, miles 9-12 were descending 15 seconds per mile. It went like this:

Miles 1-4: 10:10 pace, avg HR 155, max HR 166
Miles 5-8: 7:43 pace, avg HR 183, max HR 187
Mile 9: 8:14 pace, avg HR 178, max HR 186
Mile 10: 8:30 pace, avg HR 172, max HR 178
Mile 11: 8:43 pace, avg HR 168, max HR 174
Mile 12: 8:57 pace, avg HR 166, max HR 173

On a totally separate note, I was at the pool this afternoon and let me just say, I am so glad I am a runner and that my ass looks fantastic!


ECrunnergirl said...

Love that mantra! My marathon is coming up in one month and I might just have to follow your lead on writing "own it" on my arm as well!


Great mantra!! No negative talk allowed!