Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Feeling My Age

I work with a lot of college students. And when they find out I'm 30 they say "No Way! You don't look 30!" I don't look 30, whatever that's supposed to look like, and I certainly don't feel 30. I'm in the best shape ever!

My dad turned 57 yesterday and for his birthday my mom bought him a Wii Fit. Yes, my dad plays the Wii everyday. On the Wii Fit, you set up accounts where it measures your weight, your BMI, your balance, along with your real age to determine the "age" you are based on your health. My dad took the test first and he came out to be 57. Dave took the test. His real age is 31, but the Wii told him he was 27. My sister took the test. Now my sister is 6 months pregnant and they told her she was obese and her BMI was off the charts! My sister's real age is 27 and they told her she was 22. So I took the test. I have reason to be confident, as I stated above. My BMI was normal, my weight was about 116, but I didn't do so well on the balance test. When they calculated my age it came back with 47.


Are you freakin' kidding me!? My family laughed so hard they fell off the couch.


ECrunnergirl said...

That is TOO funny and I'm laughing so hard I'm falling out of my chair:-} Isnt that insane? Probably the most fit person out of the whole bunch but yet you come out the oldest?? Go figure! Anyway, I'm right there with ya girl...most people say I don't look 40 and I sure as heck don't feel it!!

I can only imagine what Wii would say about me...oh the horror!!!!

Michelle said...

That's hilarious!
and congrats to your sister--#4, right?

Val said...

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during that. I can just picture everyone's reactions =) I think it'd be fun to get one. Wonder what ours would be...

Uptown Girl said...

Haha! You're friend Andrea pointed me here because I just tried this as well. Note, I have a normal BMI, run marathons, etc and it gave me a WII fit age of 43 (note: I'm 28). My mom is 55 and it told her she's 75!!!

Guess we need some work on our balance. The WII does not beat around the bush!

It gave some good laughs - I was laughing so hard it made me cry! (well, maybe that was seeing the number 4 in front of my age!)