Sunday, November 23, 2008

You're the Inspiration

To say that I'm competitive is a bit of an understatement.

In college I had two friends who I loved dearly but competed with them fiercely for grades. And they were ultra-competitive with me. Funny enough, although we all got our degrees in engineering, none of the three of us use them. One is in sales, one is a stay-at-home mom, and I own my own business.

I met my closest friends, Helen and Andrea, while running. I love them dearly too, but the three of us have been competing with each other since we met. I was the first of the three of us to qualify for Boston, but the two of them are now just a smidgen faster than me in the marathon. And everyone knows we love to compete with each other. Helen and I both ran the Columbus Marathon. She ran a 3:25 and I ran a 3:30. Others let me know that Helen just edged me out. Thanks! I already knew. I finally thought I was getting an advantage when I hired a coach, but then Andrea moved to Denver and is training at altitude. :)

Sure, I'm competitive with myself, but really I loved to beat people. I love to be fast and I long to win.

A few years ago I ran into a friend of mine from college during a marathon. It was her first and maybe my 3rd marathon. We both qualified for Boston and both went to run it (although I had a broken foot and couldn't run). Ever since then she has gotten faster and faster. A few years ago I watched her run a 3:19 marathon. I got an e-mail from her this week that she had done a half marathon. I looked up her time--1:29. I felt two things when I read it--(1) I will never be that fast and (2) I want to be that fast.

My next race is a half marathon in February and my goal is to be better than a 1:41.

Thank you, my friends, for "inspiring" me to work harder and kick your butt!!

(Seriously, though, I do love y'all.)


Dave said...

You're welcome. Every once in a while. :)

jeff said...

oh no! does that mean you're not running cim?

Meredith said...

Nope, no CIM for me this year. We're talking it up for 2009, though.


Damn--what performance enhancing drugs are they popping?!? :-) Just kidding...