Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

This coming summer Dave will be doing his Ironman in Couer d'lane (yeah I know I spelled that wrong, Dave), Idaho. We have decided to make the trip via car since we've both want to travel cross country. We plan on leaving a week before and heading to Chicago where coach lives and then heading across the northern states for a quick trip to Idaho. After the race we plan on taking two weeks to travel around to come home. Some places we're thinking of going includes Seattle, Salt Lake City, Colorado Springs, Demver, and maybe get down to the Grand Canyon. We're looking for suggstions for places to go, things to do, and people to see. Any thoughts?

By the way, we're not interested in Yellowstone because Dave's been there like a million times and I've also been there. I'm not really a nature girl and Dave has done most National Parks between Ohio and the west coast.

So think of something really creative and unique. We're heading your way!



Can we tag along in the back of the trunk?? We're also going to take the following week off to travel. We may do Vancouver!

Anonymous said...

Demver rules

Jason said...

Here's some ideas.
Washington: Seattle, Mt. Rainier National Park, Snoqualmie.
Utah: Arches N.P., Bryce Canyon N.P. (highly recommended), Zion N.P.
Colorado: Colorado Springs (for both Pike's Peak and the USAF Academy, admittedly something Dave might get more of a kick out of). Check my Facebook page because I have two photo albums of vacation photos, so you can see what I'm talking about.