Sunday, March 21, 2010

Keeping You in Suspense

Coach is really good at adding variety to our workouts, especially our weight training. Right now she's on a TRX kick or suspension training. This is not new to me. As mentioned in the previous post, I spent YEARS doing gymnastics where all weight workouts were body-weight workouts.

TRX systems are not that cheap and being that we're a (mostly) single income family, we just couldn't afford one ourself. I've noticed our gym has one, but I've also noticed it's not always in the same spot. I didn't want to go looking for it each time I went to the gym. Since Dave is a genius (he he he!), he came up with a plan to create one himself as a Christmas present. This is what it looked like:

Can you tell we live right next to the Home Depot?

We did a few workouts with it and it worked pretty well. With time, however, the rope started to fray, but this really wasn't a big deal. What was a big deal, to me anyway, is that we had no foot cradles. Any workouts we did requiring our feet to be in the stirrups (he he!) caused major pain in the ankles.

Friday I was fed up and marched out of the house and straight to Dick's Sporting Goods. I had seen suspension training systems there before and I was not going to walk out empty handed. But when I got there the cheapest one was $99. Yikes! I called Dave and tried to reason with him. After 15 minutes of basically debating with myself (my specialty), I picked up the box and headed to the check out line. The woman began ringing it up while I got out my wallet. Only half paying attention (me) the check out girl said "$31.99". I stopped in my tracks and said out loud, "WHAT?" She said it was on clearance and it was $31.99. All that debating, pain in my ankles, and trips to Home Depot and it rang up $31.99? So, I took home the Gravity Bar and with more Dave genius we came up with this...

Game on, baby. Game on.


Karen said...

Awesome! You are all set now :)

I am also a little jealous of the bosu ball -would love one !

Dave said...

I think the Shop-Vac is a nice touch, myself. :)

Judi said...

i don't get it. looks like a sex toy place.

Michelle said...

Nice! Don't you love it when you get a surprise sale! ;-)