Monday, March 08, 2010

Miscellany for Monday (Pictorial Edition)

For some time now our dryer has been making a loud screeching sound. It's gotten so bad that you could hear it outside and poor Sloopy hid her head whenever I needed to do laundry. Yesterday Dave took the dryer apart to find out what was the problem. The problem was a tiny, tiny piece. So we headed to a not-so-nice part of town to get that piece. This part of the story was a hoot! Ohio has a smoking ban like many other states. On the door to this store there was a no smoking sign. We walked into the store and it hit you strong: the smell of smoke. We asked the woman working if they had our part. She stared at the wall of parts; we stared at the wall of parts. Finally she turns to us and says "do you see the part?" Um, what? Finally she found the part and as we were checking out an older gentleman walks through the door, mumbling to himself, lit cigarette dangling from his mouth. He walks through the store in a hurry to the back. What the hell was that? Finally we came home and Dave, or should I say Dave (Mike) Holmes, put the dryer back together and it works.

If you don't watch HGTV this picture may not be as funny to you.


Sloopy enjoyed a nice afternoon snack yesterday. On the menu, my iPod earbuds.


And finally, I was looking on Craig's List just for fun for racing wheels. I didn't really expect to find anything, at least not in Columbus. But lo and behold I found someone selling his whole bike set up including his race wheels and they were 650s. I started an email conversation with him and he made me a great deal. And today, they became mine.

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