Monday, October 10, 2011

Hey Jealousy

It's not secret, I'm competitive. But what others may not realize is that I'm not really that competitive with other people, I'm super competitive from myself. I expect nothing short of perfection from myself. Since switching to triathlon, perfection has been a hard pill to swallow. Not only can I not measure up with swimbikerun, I'm finding that training for ironman the last two years is really screwing with my running speed.

This past weekend I was glued to my computer watching the Ironman world championships. I had five people (friends/teammates) I knew doing the race. And they all kicked butt. They did exactly what was expected of them. How do they do that? How are they so consistent? How are they so fast? What are they doing that I'm not that makes them super-stars?

Then my former training partner, Andrea, ran the Denver Half Marathon yesterday. For years we (including a third girl) have been trying to get qualifying standards for the NYC Marathon. Being that those standards have changed to, honestly, completely unreasonable standards starting next year, this year is the last real shot to do that. Personally, I have no desire to run NY, but I would like to know that I could qualify. Well yesterday Andrea finally got her qualifying standard and it was BIG!!! The standard was a sub-1:37 half marathon. She had run a 1:36 earlier this year but unfortunately it was on a non-certified course. Yesterday she tore that course up running a 1:33. Her pace was almost as fast as my 5K pace. Seriously.

I have to admit, I'm soooo jealous of what everyone else is doing right now. I want to be fast. I want to be able to go to Kona (shit, I'd like to just finish the damn ironman). I want to be able to continue to bring my running times down. I want to be a super-star!


Melissa C said...

Did you see how they are thinking of allowing people with 12 or more Ironman finishes Kona slots? I am sure there will probably need to be a lottery for that or waiting list or something, but that gave me a crapload of hope this morning. Just last night I was thinking, wow, how amazing would it be to race in Kona, Ryan would KILL me if I entered the lottery. However, if I "earned" it, perhaps I could go. I'd probably be in my 50s, though!

Meredith said...

I don't even necessarily want to do Kona. I just want to be that good.

Spie said...

I hear you...One of the reasons I retired from triathlon after IM is that I was exhausted from working so hard to be faster on the bike to have my "competition" get even faster. At least when I run, I know I can be fast(not as fast as you) and can get faster. Every once in a while, some special bling over and above the finisher's bling is nice.

Hollywood said...

Consistency. The persons I've been chasing for three years is good not bc they have some crazy physiology, but bc day in and out they're training the right way. All the endurance sports reward those who've been doing this for a long time, that's why all the pros at Kona swam/ran starting in high school or earlier, and are so good now in their mid 30s.

Andrea said...

I agree with Hollywood. Consistency - over YEARS. How many of your friends/teammates have been participating in sports since High School or College?

How many ran track or swam in college?

Yes, there are the phenoms that have amazing genes and luck that go out and win their AG in their first ever race ... but they are the exception.

I've been in this sport for 6 years. I have been working with Liz for 4. Every year, I get faster. It is not exponetial, but it is consistent.

Keep it up. Oh, and try eating some vegetables sometimes. That might help. :)