Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's Time To Grow Out My Hair (Again)

If you missed it, I cut all my hair off in July.

I went from this:

To this:

I've had days I've loved it and days I've hated it, but I've gotten a lot of compliments on it and it's soooo easy, so I decided to keep it. Until today....

...Friday I started to get a little tickle in my throat. Throughout the weekend it became a full-blown cold. Crap! I haven't had a cold since March 2010. It's now Wednesday and I'm still really sick. Surprisingly, my sinuses are pretty clear, but my throat on the other hand is a mess. I sound like a freakin' man and needless to say, I'm coughing up, um, gross stuff. On the way to dinner tonight, Dave and I decided to pick up some Mucinex. We took it to the counter and we were asked for our CVS card. We didn't have it so I gave the woman our phone number to look up the phone number. Then she asked me my age. What? I thought it was to verify the card number, so I pointed to Dave because the account is under his name.

Here's where things went a little crazy.

The woman said, no, I need yours. If he gives me his age I need to see his ID. Um, what? She said it was because we were buying Mucinex. This confused me even more because we didn't buy it at the pharmacy counter, just off the shelf. So she says again, I need your age or I need to see his ID. So I asked, why do you need to see his ID and not mine. She said it was because he looked under the age of 18.


First of all, you've delighted my THIRTY FOUR year old husband, but you've really insulted his YOUNGER wife. She actually thought he was under 18. Dave and I both look young, but not 18 young. Maybe 25 young. Then, to dig her hole deeper, she then said, "you should take it as a compliment." And what should I take my non-compliment as?

Obviously, it's my soccer-mom hair. It's time to grow it back out. I want to be "18" again.


Melissa C said...

Oh Meredith! I hope you feel better and don't be offended by not looking 18. Do you really want to look 18 again? 25 is a pretty good age to be. I got asked if I was over 25 at Costco the other day, when determining my calcium requirements at a sample table. That made me really happy.

At least you weren't buying something you can make meth out of and needed to swipe your drivers license. I always have trouble finding the stuff I need.

TriMOEngr said...

That's kind of like the time I was carded for a 12 pack of beer and I was feeling all special until the girl looked at my ID and said "Oh! You're WAY old enough to buy beer!" No tip for you kiddo! Ugh!

Katie said...

ok, i'm in love with the super short cute hair!