Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Halloween Edition

I have a confession.  I don't like Halloween.  AT. ALL.  Not one bit. 

I don't like that we teach our children to beg.  I don't like that we have children dress up and be something they're not (especially princesses-don't get me started).  I don't like that older "kids" participate and dress up inappropriately.  (I'm talking to you, Kim Kardashian!)  I don't like that kids gets pounds and pounds of candy that not only rots their teeth but contributes to the growing problem of childhood obesity.  And I really can't stand when a kid over the age of 10 dares to come to my door asking for candy.  

Dave thinks I'm crazy, but he's also talked about not wanting to teach future child about Santa Claus. 

What's your thoughts about Halloween?  At what age did you stop trick-or-treating?  At what age will you make your child stop?  Do you still dress up as an adult? 


Jeffrey Smith said...

i dress up for halloween. and i run in costume. but then again, i'm not normal. i'm a superhero.

Colleen said...

I don't get the craze to be quite honest. My biggest pet peeve though... (well two). I hate when kids don't say thank you. If I'm giving you free candy, say thank you. And I don't get parents who bring their infant around trick-r-treating. Just go buy yourself a damn bag of candy and don't act like it's for your child who has no teeth.

lindsay said...

i don't see it is as begging and i don't mind young kids coming around. middle schoolers... stay home! i do wish i could give out something healthy though, haha. i agree i hate contributing to obesity. and as colleen said - people need to teach their kids to say please/thank you!

i do really care for the 'holiday' though. some of my friends still ask what i'm dressing up as for halloween. uhh, nothing? why would i dress up, i'm an adult.