Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week In Review

Well, it is only week one and I already missed two days of my Pregnancy Workout Challenge.  Who cares!  Five out of seven days ain't so bad.

Monday - 3 mile run walk on the treadmill.  There's not much difference between my "run" pace and my walking pace on the treadmill.  I do over 12 min/miles while running and just under 15 min/miles for my walking.  I think it took me 41 minutes to do this workout.  My stars!  That's a long time for three miles.

Tuesday - 2 mile walk with Dave outside.

Wednesday - Yeah, I have no excuse for not working out today.  I sat around and watched hours and hours of TV today.

Thursday - 2.5 miles treadmill.  1 mile run, 1 mile walk, 0.5 mile run.

Friday - 2 mile POWER walk on treadmill.  I finished this walk under 30 minutes.  I was moving.

Saturday - Nothing again today.  When I woke up it was pouring outside and because Dave was sleeping I couldn't get my stuff without waking him to get downstairs to the treadmill.  By the time the weather cleared, I had things to do.  We had errands to run, football to watch (duh!), naps to take, and then photo boothing.  Plus, I had volunteered at the marathon expo on Friday (more on that tomorrow-ish) and I was wiped out!

Sunday - Dave and I headed out together for a run today, although I let him do his own workout so he felt like he was actually working out.  He did 4.25 miles and I did 3.  I was pretty overdressed and had to slow down and keep taking walk breaks to keep myself from getting too hot.  Even with a bathroom break and some walking, I still finished before Dave.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.

Overall - 12.5 miles.

This is the most amount of miles I've done in several weeks.  I'm hoping to stay between 10-15 miles and not going higher than 20.  I'm still hoping to get over to the Y sometime and get myself a membership so I can do some other workouts like elliptical and swimming to mix it up.  I'm feeling great and am mostly enjoying the running/walking.

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Betsy said...

some times when I'm running hard and see someone out for a casual walk I think I HATE YOU but then when I go for an enjoyable walk it takes sooo long. Enjoy the walks and exercise your doing now!