Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week in Review

I am very lucky.  Or maybe all that running, walking, and swimming I did during my pregnancy paid off.  Around two weeks post-pregnancy and I am already back in my pre-pregnancy jeans.  Zipped and buttoned!  I also wasted no time getting back at it in hopes of racing competitively this summer.  All I've been cleared to do at this point is walk, which is fine because the cesarean incision still really hurts.  This week I did a total of 9 miles and I hope to ramp that up in the coming weeks and hope to be running again by mid-May. 

Monday - 1 mile
Took the family out for a walk.  Dave walked the dog and I strolled the baby down to the park in our neighborhood so Sloopy could run in the open space.

Tuesday -2 miles
I went out on my own in the neighborhood for a brisk two mile walk.  Things still feel really weird - my hips feel out of place, my back hurts, I feel like I have no ab muscles.  I hope everything starts feeling normal again soon.

Wednesday - Nothing

Thursday - Nothing

Friday - 2 miles, treadmill
I busted out a fast two miles on the treadmill this evening.  It was probably a little too fast than what I should be doing.  I also included a little bit of jogging which I know I'm not supposed to be doing.  The jogging felt weird as my insides were jiggling.

Saturday - Nothing
We had lots of people come over to the house today to check out the baby as well as a visit from Dave's family.  There was not time or energy to work out today.

Sunday - 4 miles
I did two walks today.  One was with Anderson in the stroller down to the big tennis/soccer park and back.  That one was three miles.  Then we did a family walk where I put the baby in the front carrier.  I was so worried that he was suffocating that I stopped every block to make sure he was breathing.  The front carrier was a bit too much for me at this time as it sat right on my incision.  I guess I'll stick to the stroller for a while.

Total - 9 miles


jane ;) said...

busting out moves on a treadmill 2 weeks after! rest and recover lady :0 your body has been through huge amounts give it a break!

jane ;) said...

Hope you remember your body has been through huge amounts! Rest and recover before busting moves on a treadmill! Give yourself a break!