Sunday, April 28, 2013

Week in Review

I finally got the opportunity to head out by myself this week to do a longer walk.  I added in some jogging into that walk.  I put a snarky comment on Twitter about adding in some running and I got some feedback that I did just have major abdominal surgery.  Yes I did.  And no I haven't been cleared by the doctor to return to running but I stopped bleeding weeks ago and the incision is healed and I only would run in small blocks in between walks.  I know, patience, patience.

Monday - 3 mile walk

Tuesday - 3 mile walk

Wednesday - off, we had friends over for dinner (without a working oven)

Thursday - 3 mile walk

Friday - 4.25 mile walk/jog

Saturday - 2 mile walk

Sunday - 3 mile walk/jog

Total - 18.25 miles

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